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Artist: Allah Real f/ Allah Life
Album:  Real Estate
Song:   Do What You Wanna Do
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Allah Real]
I know, you are, somebody's shining star
I know what you get when you find who you are
Things change, not the same, your doing the same old thing
You know you've been girl, not who you are

[Chorus 2X: Allah Real]
Do what you wanna do, everything is on you
Do it anyway you wanna, you do it anyway

[Allah Real]
So now, you found, this thing called peace of mind
Now are you able to remain in control
Open mind, look inside, take time to realize
You know what you get when you traded your love, oh

[Chorus 2X]

[Allah Life]
Mami, check it, you on my mind, just like I be on yours
But you stuck on keeping secrets, in closets with closed doors, come on
Open up and keep it real for a chick
But just be careful bout them words that's coming up out your lip
Now your lies got you lonely and you want me back
After I done gave the world and all I got was flack
So you can do what you wanna do, it's all on you
You don't know it anyway, so what you expect me to do, one

[Chorus to fade]