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Artist: Allah Real
Album:  Real Estate
Song:   Call Me
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Allah Real]
Peace beautiful, how you doing
You know I always see you everyday
You know when I do, you always make my day, girl
As a matter of fact, I look forward to it
I have so much I wanna say to you, look, listen
Here's my number, just give me a call
Call me, girl, ok, call me

[Allah Real]
You can leave down the quarter
Or you can call me after work
Girl never think that I'm will compramise
You need to be discreet
I gotta a lust for me to hold ya
Just the same way you wanna hold me
So the last thing I would wants to put your business
In the street

[Chorus 2X: Allah Real]
Call me when you lonely
When you need me, when you want me
I will be there in a hurry
But you gotta call

[Allah Real]
Now everytime I have seen you baby
We anticipate what's crazy
To top it off you got the nerve to smile
Whenever I'm around
Now if I find out you do
What we both been try'nna say
I got a place for us, a place for us
Now let me show you how

[Chorus 2X]

[Hook 2X: Allah Real]
Take your time
When I'm talking, you should listen
Like a two-way, can't consider what we do
And yet it'll all be fine
Just as long as you realize
My love is bonafied, just let me show and prove it

[Interlude: Allah Real]
You know what's funny? But everything is real
This is the way I envisioned it
You and me, me and you, I love you girl
So we have to fight from somewhere
This is as good as place, as any
So as long as you keep in mind
And I keep it in mind
No one can take what we have from each other
Ok? Call me

[Chorus 3X]