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Artist: Allah Real f/ Tru-N-Livin
Album:  Real Estate
Song:   Buy Freedom
Typed by: Cno Evil

What, we the realest walking, babies feel abortions
Spit at cats, and our rims, call em the wheels of fortune
It's time to wake up, don't you hear us calling
Here us often on beats, we often relief
From a million wack songs, labels forced to release
When the cops go bad, who enforces police
In this age of knowledge, religion forces belief
Have we all gone bad, and my morals decrease
It's Science and Ronin, we finally chosen
When my hand touch mics, it ignites an explosion
I don't talk much cuz silence is golden, we flossed up
With mind jewels, my lines smooth, follow, we rolling
In my shoes, acknowledge the omen, predicted by the oracles
Open your eyes, son, it's more to you
But ya'll ain't ready yet, but when you say that you ready to ride
It's too late, cuz we already left

[Chorus 2X: Allah Real]
All I want to, be is free, I don't want no
One to take control of me, Tru-N-Livin

Yo, for those, who didn't know, I could write so well
For the Gods, doing 25 to life, no bail
And the ones coming home, first night, out jail
Don't wild out, huddle with a nice female
One roll of the dice could tell, any number could play
In the heavens on a light propel
I don't care how much white you sell, cuz when white so black
Said it twice as well, been down for so long, that they like the hell
Enough talking, I'm light the L, sit back, write this kite that sales
Record stores, where a mic could sale
For the same price, be twice as nice, they stale
They lack Supreme Math that can balance the scale
No fishscale, but justice scales, bust the skills
Many hoes on the test to kills, much dough
Let's invest these mills and buy freedom

[Chorus 2X]

We cry tears of the son, glow of the moon
Our lost ones, who thought that you be going so soon
I guess, our time is written, our lives preditected
Til I feel that I'm chosen to rep, a lines gifted
Explore and can set your mind's lifted, dark alleyways
Where girls get raped, our words get shaked
And sounds are formed, hip hop is reborn, crowd through the storm
As I, chose all the lies, a wise general, scorching the sky
Divine minerals, I was sent to you
It's like a long interview, I tell you my thoughts
That floss emerald, you saw it with kings, from fortunes that bring
Houses with three stories like the Lord of the Rings

I'mma ride, for the truth, die for the youth
Get high in the booth, spit fire over loops
Your hood, I might breeze by in the coupe
Excuse me, do you hear those drums?
They from the land of the rising sun
Shines bright for the blind and dumb
Want a queen as refine as they come
Hoes too, if they fine, they can come, we got room for 'em
Long as you can keep 'em apart, like Earth and Moons form
These new millenium kids, I got news for 'em
Allah is God, it's a new forum