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Artist: Allah Real f/ Tru-N-Livin
Album:  Real Estate
Song:   All in My Family
Typed by: Cno Evil

We can go line for line, in a battle of wits
You write punchlines, cuz you can't handle the fist
Hand on the fifth, you see me? Hand on your chick
If I get too close, til it damage the wrist
I am not Pharell, don't need a hand on the 'clipse'
Smoking wish, telling niggas how you down with the spliff
Feel like Sprewell, getting banned from the Knicks
But I see your wack MC, dancing with chicks
Rock blue, but you never see me dancing with crips
But I resurrect the dead and keep you standing my fist
Dipped in the grave, cannons were lit, hitting the stage
The rap seance, uplifting your brain
These hot days, see your vision of rain, my locks hang
How the sun of man burn, I ain't wishing no flaming
Biting my style, every team mention my name
Just cuz you caught me off vice, switching my lane
If I miss one shot, I ain't quitting the game
I'mma fall, I'mma walk with a limp and a cane
And keep moving, we shall be God, and we proved it
Anything, stand in our way, yo, we moved it
Now we bleed music, damn, and we do this
Day to night, night to day
I God, Islam, that's the life I claim
I ain't trynna stick a slave, I don't ice my chain, Real

[Allah Real]
All in my family...
In my family...

From the 201 to the 708
Move through the tri-state, trynna triple my cake
So these devils no longer putting food on my plate
Burger County, move through these streets in Audi's
Twenty deep at Bally's, police surround me
I walk through the shadow of death, peaks and valleys
Islam from the Eastern county, speak profoundly
Fuck he who doubt me, the seeds around me
Told Judas, I'm trynna keep peace around me
You can't fool me, when jews became jewelry
Clashy, seude jackets, and cramp coogies
You rappers is too commercial, we make movies
My verses, make groupies, and shake booties
Eighty five percent hate me, but pray to me
We bring truly, hold a sword like a great sumi
Today's duty, speak truthfully and create beauty

[Allah Real]
Yeah, baby...
I know...
Better than sun...
Better than gold...
I should thanking the sound...
He... he... ooohhhh...