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Artist: Tha Alkaholiks & Sweet N Lo'
Album:  Pucker-Up (Sweet N Lo')
Song:   Excuse Me as I Rip It
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(Now watch me wreck it)	--> Guru

[ E-Swift ]
Here comes the shit that's cock-diesel, heavy on the low end
I keep the party hot even when it starts snowin
Never hesitate to grab the 40 dog and sip it
It's Tha Liks with Sweet N Lo', yo Lo, won't you rip it?

[ Lo' ]
Alright, excuse me as I rip, nip it
Unravel it, unzip it, strip it
Whip it cause I'm gifted, and lifted
I been tested, never been arrested
Look good today cause I'm well rested
So when I grab the mic I molest it
Ooh, hike up the cable, strike to you
(E-Swift) on the able-tay 
(J-Ro) with the ighter-lay
(T-T-T-T-ash) with the yrics-lay
And oh boy, they slay
Maniacs, new jacks Swayze
(They don't) they won't, they don't
(They won't) they won't, they don't
We don't take to no player, so stay off
Straight Tasmanian but not like a Devil
Back up off the Lo' cause I'm rebel
Sweet N Lo' rippin it up, hittin you up
Introduced the 40 dog and now we got you sippin it up
Got Tha Liks in the mix so excuse us as we rip

(Got the skills)	--> Jeru the Damaja
Excuse me as I rip it
(Now watch me wreck it)

[ Tash ]
Niggas give me five up high but down low they too slow
So when they peep me on the set they like to sweat the way my flows go
But that's a small thing, I'm from the group that's supersonic
Steppin in with gin and tonic, 40 dogs and blunts of chronic
Got my homies Lo' and Sweet with funky beats that rock the Richter
It's the wicked pain inflicter from the group that's out to getcha
Thinkin while you're drinkin, so slide to the side
And crack another 40-o but yo (alright now here we go)
[ J-Ro ]
Willie Wonka never had as much flavor as the Ro
I'm here to let you know I'm down with the Lo'
And it wouldn't be complete without my girl Sweet
Tash'll get you out the seat, E-Swift punch the beat
My DJ, he scratch wheels, no frills
Doper than a wet paddy, get ya higher than the Catskills
Now watch him grip it, I hip-hop when other niggas skip it
Now it's time for Sweet N Lo' to rip it

[ Sweet ]
I'm the impeccable; wreckable? 
No, Lo' contender, so remember
Good things come in small packs
And six packs and 12 packs
And 24 tracks and dizzats
(You got that?) You got that?
Excuse me if I'm all that
Sailin, bailin on a ride
Bustin like Bonnie and I'm gattin like Clyde
Got you scared of me, now you're horny
And when it comes to sexy on the mic, I'm most wanted
So I flaunt it cause I know you lust
For me to bust it
Like the Energizer I energiize ya
Keep ya goin cause I got the alkaline
Underlinin, my rhymin is finer than
The ballpoint among, among pen
Is what'll getcha when you're gettin with the
Compact, impact, funk disc-a
That you're listenin to
It's just for you