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Artist: Alkaholiks
Album:  Firewater
Song:   Turn it Up
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

ALKIES - yeah we back
Gettin fucked up off this brand new track
They call me barfly, I sip the bar dry
You girls sing "My Guy" when I buy 'em a mai-tai
One time I earled all over my shit
But I came back with a new fit!
How you like me now?  I'm gettin busier
You only had two shots, I'm watchin you get dizzier
Who got my lighter?  Your pants on fire
I won't stop buzzin 'til I retire
I'm from California all the way to Yorkshire
"Them niggaz crazy like them Richard Pryor!"
I ain't trippin, I'm just doin my duty
Just grab a cutie and start rubbin some booty
The ladies say you wanna mess with the land
Get on the floor and do the best that you can

[Chorus: J-Ro]
Turn it up! Everybody in the house just
Turn it up! Go to the bar, pop a bottle and
(Dee-jay!) Yeah - uh, uh, uh
Turn it up! All the ladies in the house just
Turn it up! All the homies in the house c'mon
Turn it up! We rollin somethin
Burn it up! We poppin somethin
Turn it up! We drinkin somethin

Fab 5 Freddy told me everybody high
This my third or fourth try tryin to tongue kiss the SKY
I'ma liar, I don't smoke but I down my Coke and scotches
For the hardest artists out, everybody is watchin Koch's
Tha Liks is in the building so we probably own it
When the neighbors say "TURN THAT SHIT DOWN" we Deftone it
Drunk or sober, these hoes is hangovers
Cause they hang all over Tash while I smash my Range Rover
They know me and Ro and E-Sweezy pop
Cause we been around the block like ZZ Top
It's all fast cars and chicks while I walk with a big stick
By God he's usin guns like the West coast Slick Rick
Pick your poison while me and my boys destroy 'em
With the Alkaholik sound that make 'em look for new employment
The answer to the West coast question is us
Everybody in the house come drink with uhhhhhhhhhs


It ain't nuttin like Likwit music
Chop a beat up and then reuse it
Pop a bottle we can't refuse it
We pour 'em, let you choose it
Everybody in the house turn your glass up
Party all night, we gonna party 'til the last cup
All the ladies in the house, get your ass up
(Hurry up, run!) To the floor before the last cut
We go hard, already off two fifths
At the bar, that's how we do this
Gettin drunk and actin foolish
How many times I gotta prove it?


[Liks] Turn it up!