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Artist: Tha Alkaholiks
Album:  Firewater
Song:   Get Into It
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

What? Yeah
Did the phone ring baby?
(We have a collect call from James Robinson, a.k.a. J-Ro)
What? (Comin all the way from Malmö, Sweden)
Say what? (Will you accept?)
Hell motherfuckin yeah I'll accept, J-Ro? What's goin on?
Whattup J? Shit, look

Why do every move I make I feel like everybody's watchin us
I see the world clear just like I'm lookin through binoculars
The L.A., C-A, the cities of metropolis
The L-I, K-S, ain't nobody stoppin us
Eternal with the burner, fast-paced but slow learner
Beatin me that's like Ike gettin slapped by Tina Turner
Nigga I'm the best rapper E-Swift has found
That's why you keep gettin skipped, I keep gettin rewound

Attention on the compound, Alkaholiks in town
We came to blaze it down, amazing astound
West coast party kings, we world renowned
Aiyyo we flood the area, we watch you clowns drown
(Say what?) If you want my crown, why'ontcha meet me downtown
I turn the world around, make you earl on the ground
And take the politician's smile, turn it to a frown
Then walk in the club and buy the bar with one round

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Likwit music, drinkin music
Sip your fluid and GET INTO IT
Will you party with Tha Liks? (Hell yeah we'll do it!)
Come and party with Tha Liks, all the drinks included

Aiyyo my nigga B. Ganz said the world about to end
I went to sleep and woke up, right back at it again
I got some juice I got some gin I party down y'all niggaz too thug
Take a sip of this, it make you dance like Uncle Junebug
These new drugs designer, I'm an old-timer rhymer
If your highness sing for me, I might sign her on consignment
You can't take your chances with these brand new dances
Tha Liks lift the party on up like breast enhancements

I feel at home on the range, my lyrics blow out your brains
Keep my eyes on the prize without the Gucci frames
So simple and plain, Southern Cali never rains
I left Alice in Chains, with some DNA stains
Met this girl at the mall in the Gap
I thought she was all of that, well she called me, but I didn't call her back
She was like baby baby but I didn't fall for that
I've been keepin it pimpin ever since I saw "The Mack"


We takin over your city, commanderin your radio
A.P.B. through your TV and stereo
Live broadcast, here's the newsflash
Y'all niggaz ain't lookin for Swift, J and Tash
Mash through your district, drunk and lifted
Bangin beats so loud the equator shifted
My crew is gifted, and you ain't miss shit
The next ten years you gettin showered with Likwit
It's the, mischevious, devious, at first you didn't believe in us
Now we got the world singin songs by the three of us
We ain't slowin down, matter fact we bout to speed it up
Keep up with the tempo the instrumental ain't simple
And Tha Liks, is essential, for music fans to get into
We don't hold it back, we let it go on the track
And the whole fact is y'all niggaz know that you whack
And we don't give a FUCK if you sold a lot of plaques