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Artist: Tha Alkaholiks
Album:  Firewater
Song:   Do It
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yeah.. yo, yeah
It's time to put you kids on restriction
So just sit down, shut your trap up and listen
Major labels are greasy like Kentucky Fried Chicken
Gimme one rap career, hold the ass lickin
I'm sick of the bitchin (yup)
I'll send you players home like a baseball team with no pitchin
I hate to lose, I'm addicted to addition
Girl I brighten your life like nuclear fission
So gimme the life
If the punani tight it make you feel alright
But back to the mission
You couldn't hit if Jazze Pha, Kanye and Dre did the mixin
Your whole life is fiction
Like a fat girl in corduroys, too much friction
I got bags of green like Peggy Lipton
Be careful when you pick up this jam, it's heavy liftin

[Chorus: E-Swift]
Just do it
If you put your mind to it pursue it and do it
If you like to rhyme to the music then do it
Girl if you wanna grind to the music just do it
What? Just do it
Whatever it is, you wanna do it just do it
It's all on you, just follow through and do it
Ain't nobody holdin you back now, do it
What? Just do it, what? Just do it

Me and J-Ro hold the mic while E-Swift pumps the drums
We make it happen with the rappin while y'all niggaz bump y'all gums
For large sums of cash, CaTash'll wreck any party
Mic skills is real, I'll go head up with anybody
Bacardi party favorite, rockin all en-gage-a-ments
I ruined yo' engagement cause I left with who you came in with
My flow is so amazin it gets reviewers ravin
You niggaz keep repeatin, I come with new statements
Shine baby shine, cause it's the top of the line
Y'all keep rappin 'bout them nines 'til I pop you with mine
Make you stop on a dime, and then it's Miller Time, right then
I'm always standin out in a crowd, because I'm light-skinned
I might bend the rules, nah nigga, CaTash break 'em
It's easy meetin chicks, but it's hard as fuck to shake 'em
I take 'em to my house, I lay 'em flat on my couch
And they can blame it on the liquor while I'm diggin 'em out


I know you wanna be like me, see what I see
But don't do what I do, try to be great
but be great bein you, you wanna get respect
you gotta pay yo' dues, play by the rules
And don't follow those fools
You wanna be gangster then you better have the tools
Semi-automatic, teardrop tattoos
And beef with crews y'all
Better have a seat, I'm the bearer of bad news
I ain't talkin shit I'm just droppin a few boos
My niggaz hold out arms like lady sings the blues
This ain't the same thing that you're used ta
I ain't sellin dope or braggin 'bout how many times I'ma shoot'cha
Niggaz can't hold me like D. Wade
Can't even count the times my highlights have been replayed
Rap SportsCenter, live with no delay
Everybody STAND THE FUCK UP when we say