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Artist: Tha Alkaholiks
Album:  Firewater
Song:   Chaos
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Let it go!
Ohh, yeah, we got drums
Woo! Alkahol-iks, let's get it crackin y'all
Ay J-Ro, teach these niggaz how to stunt!

People gather round, J-Ro is on arrival
Raised in the ghetto sing songs called survival
Chillin in my drawers in hotels like the bible
Alkaholiks, West coast legends is the title

I can't shoot you with my knife, I can't stab you with my gun
So the only thing left is to hit you with the drums
Uh-huh, uhh, we in this bitch no kickin back
J-Ro tell these niggaz where the fuck you sippin at

Yo, I'm sippin on the dock of the bay, puffin on hay
Used to sell bombay and sip Andre
West West like Kanye, I got the rhythm like Kwame
I used to have a crush on Shante

Yo, E-Swift, I don't think that you bent
But God damn homeboy, where all the gin went?
J-Ro! (Yo I believe that's me)
(Say what?) You up next on the Hennessy

And once you hear the Capital J, rap it'll stay
in your brain all day, it always happens that way
I come from L.A., Cali, Eastside of the Valley
Dilly-dally, ran through an alley

Runnin through an alley in my corduroy flip-flops
We drink a lot of beer so it's that West coast hip-hop
Kickbox our way out of trouble, just to bubble
Meet us at the bar y'all, where everybody love you

Yo, my rhymes at parties, took out more MC's than brown Bacardi
I'm totally gnarly
Stumble through the crowd like excuse me, pardon me
Sip hops and barely 'til I pop an artery

My beats so fly niggaz try to charter me
I'm an Alkaholik but that's only one part of me
My main man Tash is like Cool Ra-oul
He got bitches butt-naked in the swimming pool

I'm rowdy, I'm cocky, I'm like Jeremy Shockey
I'm a giant in this game, y'all better back up off me

You also the most frosty, drink until we saucy
Keep bitches up all night like black coffee

Yeah you know Cinnamon, she hang with crazy Kim and them
They always in the club, tryin to take a nigga's Benjamins

Feminine women, we be runnin all up in 'em
Then we send 'em home broke cause we wouldn't spend a cent on 'em

Aiyyo CaTash a people person, shake hands and kiss babies
Politician in my mission, stack grands and spit crazy

I roll with a tight crew like Mushmouth and Russell
Girls wanna grab my love muscle and suckle
Got trees in my duffel, get a ride from the airport
I take the shuttle, no need for rebuttal

Huddle round your speaker, got the system blastin
And we takin everything, it ain't no need for askin
Got the headbangin beats so nigga pass the aspirin
We bumrushin the door in an unorderly fashion
... This is the year that we cash in
Catch me in Miami in the sun just baskin
Catch me in L.A. in the streets just mashin
The name is E-Swift, I move quick when I'm dashin
I'm swift on the cut with my hands when I'm scratchin
Alkaholiks back, and the legacy's lastin
{*cuts to fade*}