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Artist: Tha Alkaholiks f/ Loot Pack
Album:  Coast II Coast
Song:   WLIX
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(first 0:52 -- small club, Liks performing live
  next 0:20 -- sounds of clinking ice cubes, drinks being poured)

Voodoo  - Alright, we're back on WLIX this is Voodoo and uh
*chaos ensues*
E-Swift - Aiyyo, they came down, you know
          I know y'all get asses all the time
          But do me this favor
          I want y'all to bust the freestyles for us
          I wanna know who's first up, you freestyle?
Tash    - Yo yo, we got Crackerjack from the Loot Pack
          about to se this shit off, ay Crackerjack
          Set it off.  I know we on the radio, yo Crackerjack
          set it off

Verse One: Crackerjack

Ya dumb dunce it goes once upon the rhyme, Jack is out
to clench a fist and drop flows that gets papes like The Abyss
All in this, freestyle's wild when I'm throwin this
Non-bogus brothers shake the hip and toe and just
Get involved, roll with the sould, make the head nod
Look at the bash slash back I kick the abstract
Make brothers say "Damn, that rap's fat," recline that ass back
A smack-back and slap from Wild Child with the ramshack
I used to pick up the damn slack bed on the ramps back
in the days, when Eric, was in the, honey phase
Nowadays, turn in applications
Rockin the Appalachians with the ladies with the sexy activations
on the Blackwatch, I own a black watch, although I'm Blackwatch
You want to, confront who?  A microphone check one two
Complicated for ya [yeah]
I got the naps that break the pics
Plus the props from the Liks

Ha haa, Loot Pack's on the rise
Sayin, "Liks liks liks boy, run your backside"
Yo, J-Ro, Mad Lib, my man
Just, get on the mic and please arise the jam

Verse Two: Mad Lib, J-RO

I bust the animated suspension, vocabulary wack MC prevention
My division is itchin for the switch
Pitchin upon the West coast, the best brad and boast
Bragadocious, ferocious emotional osmosis

I skip like a stone when I lake over a break
I rip microphones and I take over the fake creWWWs
I wish I could sing like Smokey do
But I'm vocally locin with the Loot Pack crew

I'm Mad Lib, the bad kid, brothers try to do wht I did
Back in junior high, cause I'm fly with my
Vocabulary tradition, total chaos rhythmatic
static, in fact they case erase so stay off
Cause nobody knows how it goes with the flows
and rows of hoes froze, chosen bust erosion on the lows when
The ill speak, plus the Liks knot thick
Mad quick to rock ya lip, like hip-hop to grits

But yo freak this, I come with uniqueness
I'm like Pepe LePew yo, hoes are my weakness
Back in high school you didn't think I could get nifty
Now I'm on your magazine rack down at Thrifty
Since eighty-three I been housin folks
All the way from Orange Country out to Thousand Oaks
It ain't a, nother rapper in the country who can crunch me
If you don't believe me, run up and try to punch me

I flip the funk like Monk, Higgins when I'm diggin
I'm swiggin on a Snapple cause my crew be wicked when we gig it
I rock the mad vocab, when my toe jabs I'm so bad
I make you flow bad, like when I blow lads to pieces

Verse Three: Tash
No releases on the two steel wheels
Comes the lyrical skills that kills more ducks than oils spills
My niggaz run for the hills, I can track em through the mountains
Rico kick that kind of shit that got more bounce than Roger Troutman
So passs the weed to the top top seed
With lyrics as deadly as the VD's that make ya lungs bleed
Plus I dig like coal miners through the crates of old timers
I be blowin up the spot like dynamite with one-liners
Oh reminde,r to my ex-bitch when I find ya
I'ma smack you for them times I had to start sixty-nine
Yes on the low, my nigga with the hat to the back
Get on the mic and show these niggaz where you at

Verse Four: Wild Child

Here I am doing shows, wall to wall
Nate stacks tall I still won't fall
Never will I be sellout poverty, some don't believe in me
Still I get my verbs on, my verse on, I raps long
You're dead wrong, all in all should say the sale starts
when A&R says go, you start with the dope verse
and you're sold, now you're on clearance when the record starts sellin
But I'm not willin, to be uncovered from the depths of the under
I'm under, for the duration
The past present future revelation
I gain the trunks of those who comprehend
Because the know I send niggaz through the other end
Of this industry, commercial side envies me
Females are freakin me, no time for em
At least not yet, just a few that I will call bitch
I'm not a player, strict rhyme sayer, say your prayers
Now I lay me down to sleep
Don't sleep, I'm on the creep
To invade the holes of the ill-minded
I find it's fat, rewind it back slack, not here boy
Wack to the skull-crack when I attack
Unleasing crazy chaos you're way off, so stay off
I'm about to blast off


J-Ro    - Word is bond!  On this snoop babe, that's how we do it
          (YouknowhatI'msayin?)  And that's how we do it, on KLI, K
          What is this?  KLIX?  Oh yeah
          Where we at again?
          Ah it don't matter, we rock it for the whole world anyway

Tash    - Yo we gotta give a shout out, a shout out
J-Ro    - Can we give a shout out?
E-Swift - I'd like to give a shout out to everybody that's listening
          to this radio station right now, I hope you got your tapes
          on record cause you know we just flippin
J-Ro    - Everybody that's down with real hip-hop
          West coast East coast North and South