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Artist: Ali Dee f/ Kool G Rap
Album:  Bring it On
Song:   Bring it On
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(Bring it) --> Redman 

Ah bring it on
Ah bring it on, bring it on, bring it on
Ah bring it on, bring it on, bring it on
Ah bring it on, bring it on, bring it on

(Bring it)

[ VERSE 1: Ali Dee ]
Breaker breaker, send you to the undertaker
The rapper that's comin to take ya 
Cause I shake ya like a Laker
Whether knockin boots, shootin hoops, alley hoops
Ali Dee's hoop funk follow your nose for these here Fruit Loops
You bite like bats if you heard me rap
Drop somethin fat on a track and take on thirty cats, you dirty rats
So here we go, yell Geronimo
Then pass up a hiney, yo
The flow will make you feel like a tiny hoe
I grand-slam like I'm Van Damme
Act like a lumberjack, in fact the track will slam like a Rams fan
You suck so much you need a nipple
I squeeze a trigger, squeeze a Charmin and I cripple Mr. Whipple
And triple any rapper runnin his trapper tryin to kick it 
Pull a pump out on a chump and make him jump like Jiminy Cricket
Flippin it like a page until the damn stage is torn
So bring it on, kid, bring it on


[ VERSE 2: Kool G Rap ]
Send in the fire engines cause G Rap is startin fires
Rappers are jumpin like Evil Knievel
You better believe it, I'm comin like Michael Myers
So run and go hide as I get rid of the ones that hid
But on the lid what I did was, "Yo honey, I blew up the kids"
My broom's not singin the blues, so bring on the crews that try to do me
I'm skimpy like ?Kimpy?, snappy like Daffy and yahoowee!
See, I disrespects em, indeed I disrespect her
Your damn Sam Goody's record makes me laugh like Woody Pecker
Got price on hot mics so your spotlights are dimmin
Lyrics are fatter than womens that you see with Richard Simmons
So back up, don't act up, just be on some good behaviour
You thought it was Lifesavers, the flavor I just gave ya
In fact I pack a disco, my lyrics are slicker than Crisco
Give thrills from Blueberry Hill down to the streets of San Franscico
Like Tabasco I'm hot, if I wanna get ripple go sip on a Cisco
You hookey-playin rookies like they cookies from Nabisco
I shake it, I bake it, I take it to the break of, break of dawn
So bring it on, sucker, bring it on


[ VERSE 3: Ali Dee ]
I make examples out of suckers that I trample
Givin plenty lumps to them chumps, I'm a champ
Here's a sample, I catch flashbacks while I smash tracks
Then I blast stacks of wack and sad sack rappers get your ass waxed
Frontin get you nothin but a coffin
I bother your father and bring the drama to your mama, make your ass an orphan
I put some lead inside your head, you're dead and gone
So bring it on, trooper, bring it on