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Artist: Alfred Banks
Album:  A Beautiful Prelude EP
Song:   Bless You
Typed by: @UnderdogCentral

[Alfred Banks]
How you doing Orlandas
Just thought I'd holler at you, been some days since your passing
To have you leave early, Nah I really didn't plan it
But you had a mental illness and I'll never understand it
And no I Don't hate you, in my life your a staple
But since your not here physically, I thought I'd update you
On my current status - with this rapping I'm the baddest
And since you rapped 2, I'm just trying to follow your pattern
Well, first of all I've been all over the country
My first national tour with Mickey Factz that shit was humbling
And Complex named me one of the hottest from New Orleans
But you wouldn't be surprised man you already called it
Me & Jessica doing fine, our relationship has grown
I've now found the woman to which I will propose
remember our last conversation you didn't even get livid
When I told you I was floating and didn't have a religion
Well I still feel the same I haven't made a decision
I'm too busy chasing my dreams to read the bible at the minute
But it has to be something real when a Schizophrenic man
About to kill himself has a bible in his hand
Your son is a beast man he looking just like you
I held him in my arms & he Acting just like you
I'll take of em for you I not trying to be prideful
But I'll be there to feed him his bottle and change his Little diaper
And Jamie doing good he steady raising his son
our brother still a beast and he still crazy as fuck
Mama is OK, Bj is still the mayor
No matter where they move they still worry bout the neighbors
I miss you dog I think about you everyday
I even mention your name every time that I'm on stage
When you left, it left a scar super hard to cover
your death was a movie because you didn't warn a brother
I found out at work, I broke down and cried
Main reason because I never got a chance to say goodbye
And 2, you never even saw me hit the stage
I would of made the whole crowd cheer and yell out your name
Well I gotta go man its shit I'm going thru
And I'm losing my damn mind no telling what I'ma do
Just wanna say that I love you keep watching for real though
always my big brother sincerely your Little bro