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Artist: The Alchemist f/ Eminem
Album:  Chemical Warfare
Song:   Chemical Warfare
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You are now, listening, to the sounds
of Shady, and Alchemist
Alchemist, Alchemist

Got an axe and a duffle bag, couple of fags
stuffed in the backseat, muzzled and gagged
Wrapped in bubble-wrap two lesbians up, couple Hustler mags
And I grab a Pez dispenser, fill it up to the max
with muscle relaxers, the governor of Alaska
She loves when I ask her, shove my Polaski
sausage up in her ass, huh, while we hover over Nebraska
shooting at the fuckin buffalo pasture
in the helicopter, man I can't fuck her no faster
She's screamin "Grab my titties, Shady suck on those bastards"
But I ain't no sucker, I won't snuggle up with her after
I'm a gigolo, but y'all look like a juggalo rapper
Every day man I just seem to get a little bit doper
Shit, back down, man I'd rather lick on a scrotum
And eat the fuckin Octo-mom's pussy lips with some okra
while I watch, Whoopi Goldberg, sizzle with Oprah
While Rosie pussy-farts and takes a piss on the sofa
Get a boner, and play dick-swords with the Jonas
Brothers; your motherfuckin mother's aroma's
like no other, I keep thinkin of her smothered in Somas

It's chemical warfare, drop bombs like Saddam
I'm bringin the drama, like Barack Obama
Playin Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots with the Octo-momma
I'm vato loco homie, I cock those llamas
For chemical warfare