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Artist: Alchemist f/ The L.O.X.
Album:  1st Infantry
Song:   The Essence
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AH-HA. Uh. Yeah. Know who it is. (I-I-Infantry, 1st Infantry)
Kiss of Death mother fucker. (A-A-A-A-A-Alchemist)
Definetley the strongest shit on the shelf
double R, D-Block (1st infantry)
Listen the thugs need it, hoes gon use it
Me im just a young nigga that make old music
Uh,shit is real I put the inf on the 4
Keep it wit me 'cause possessions 9/10ths of the law
Here I am goin' all out again, doin' all that I can
Even had a daughter born outta sin
Nigga I make pain cinematic
I spit dope and you been a addict
Treat beef like jail, summertime somthin' big with the scope under the
winter jacket
I use the winter tactics and I know you tryin to play the role, but bullets
the wrong shit to interact wit
I hurt the game, hurt ravines
Soon as you murk somthin' these niggaz'll churp genene
Yeah let 'em all cock ride, in my mansion with a bottle, move an hour on the
wall spin counter clock wise
Might as well go on, go and see papi
Cause niggaz only know three words "He shot me" (Uh)
Thats why I be eyein 'em down
No dap, no rap 'cause these niggaz be wired for sound
But I still put a hole in a goon, Jada Montaga
Still put a hole in a spoon, pay the bond later
Plenty ones, plenty guns, plenty ammo
Remember this "Calmate", ''se te calmo'' mutha-fuckas. What!
"Calamate" "se te calmo"
Know what that mean huh? Calm down...before I calm you down!

[Styles P]
I don't wanna talk much
You gettin hawked up and chopped up
Two guns up on your tour bus
Heard you got the cops wichu
Thats a goddamn shame to talk on your album, I thought you had a block wichu?
Couple niggaz to pop wichu? You full of shit!
And the only thing you got is a couple niggaz to drop wichu
Waiting for a nigga... wit a mouth like you
When they said you was the hottest thing man out yo crew
I'm the hardest in New York City
Think not I got a glock, Sheek Loch style, you walk wit me
You bitch niggaz will die ???
I keep the 9 in the five series
Why don't you come work a nine to five wit me
See the bricks moved, the stick-ups pulled
I got the killers laying flat down in pickups too
Hop up and put a clip in your mug
Hate is different than love, it spread faster, is you gettin me cuz?
Shit, let me explain, my brain is on a different wave
Everybody get it now, fuck it, its a different day
And suck my dick when I ain't got shit to say
Niggaz think I'm dumb like I ain't put them bricks away
Prepared for the war, anxious to kill
Bang shit, swing shit, leave you shanked in the grill
I ain't give a fuck
Then on now, when all how, how many niggaz die? That depend on Styles
And my nephew Alchemist

[Sheek Louch]
Hey, yo I ain't seen nothing yet
Niggaz all threat, pussy when they sober, thugs when they wet
What up killer? Nigga please
stop frontin' you dont need to save the whole 5 g's
My neck don't freeze and my wrist don't either
I don't need it I just copped a house on a Visa
And I ain't go platinum, my first album was a teaser
Now they on my meat like ice in the freezer
Sheek Louch, I tell you that boy he's a....problem
I take out blackheads like a tweezer
We'll discredit you homie and let the wolves eat you
We don't need to dump lead on you homie, you either in or you out of it
Cause I got a son now and you fuckin up a lot of shit I gotta get
And I hate for this to get out of hand
To have to give it to a nigga I played wit in the sand
Shit the westcoast barely know the name of our band
That's why I spit enough heat to give a nigga a tan
Aight, I kno you got mad cake okay nigga EH!
Sheek don't give a fuck
I let my gut hang, you one day away from lipo and a face tuck
This that D-Block, Alchemist heat rock
Yo, I'm fucked up man! P pass that blunt, Yo busy where my yak at son, fuck
that I'm outta here
Let's Go (Let's go, let's go)

(R-r-r-reppin' ALC, you know what I'm sayin? 1st Infantry bitch (bitch bitch))