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Artist: Alfred Banks
Album:  HomeComing (S)
Song:   HomeComing
Typed by: @Underdogcentral

A while back I had to switch the name dog
So if you ain't heard of banks well you late dog
That's the only that's changed I'm still the same dog
Its just the next episode call that Nate Dogg
And I Dont give a damn about none of that hate
Because its all handshakes when they up in my face
Got a lot of cats that wish they was in my place
But its my season now they got have to wait
Its another reason for all they hearts to break
Because they put they heart into it I made it palpitate
Had to kill a couple dreams but fuck it that's the breaks
Ima kill a couple more I'll meet ya at the wake
Too much to prove I live everyday like tomorrow my last
(Woah now)
I am the dude to do what I do even if its to fast
(slow down)
Fourth down, So when I come to your town
Whether FSU or SoCal I'll Pepperdine on you Simonals
Homecoming, parade thru my city like i just won
Upset tummy when I show up, but that just means I'm the next up
Heave ho dirty mind in these clean clothes
I'm Hot as hell anti freeze yo but I cool ya down anti freeze though I'm mean jo
Alfred Banks, that's my name please wear it out
Fresh kicks pls wear em out oxygen I'm about to air em out
Dont act saditty here's a tip so passionately
I'll make her strip like magic city
For all my royals like Kansas city live lavish with me

Nowadays I got a lot to lose
I outwork anything in my opticles
I Go against the grain my nigga fuck the rules
So you Dont want none (nun) like a catholic school
(New work) Like a student going back to school
(Kool herc) I created what you rocking to
(New shirt) So you Kno I gotta cop the shoes
(Paydirt) because I'm really bouta drop some jewels
First of all its the kid from the boot like doc martins
Laxatives love to start shit
Going hard thru the hardships
Shining star on the starship
Flame spitta nicks name is arson
The governor was the one that charged me
Im on death row I beg ya pardon
Wordplay gotcha thirsty for my birthplace
It's NO kinfolk we ain't want you here in the first place
Betta back it up up yell cut if ya acting tough
Y'all Long winded with the wackest stuff
Safe sex better rap it up then rap it up
They shyt so spotty
Fuck with me you Kno I got it
This rapping stuff it ain't no hobby
In the studio that's where you'll find me
Getting cake like a birthday party
Or rocking shows I'll rock yo party
I'm the man go tell somebody
That I'm the man better ask somebody