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Artist: Akwid f/ Chino XL, Kuky
Album:  La Novela
Song:   Ombligo a Ombligo (Bad Girl) (Remix)
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[Chorus: Kuky]
I'm a bad, bad girl
You wanna rock my world
I know that I'm taking your
Breath away
Hey, boy, what you gotta say

[Verse 1: AK]
You're burnin' at
A thousand degrees, oh baby
Shake, for me
You move and you captivate
People just wanna party
I never met a sweet young baby, you're so delicious
I drool and starin' at you, and I'm lookin' vicious
Come on, baby
Come on, show me just what you got
Shake, shake, back it up
Baby, you know the spot
You taste just like candy
I wanna do ya
And make you my lady tonight
Though I barely know ya
It really doesn't matter to me
Cause you the shit
Them hips and that ass, man, I'll never forget
I drink, then it's on
And then I'm gone
You nasty little sweet
Young thing, this is your song


[Verse 2: Wikid]
Conoci esta muchacha
Bailando en una fiesta
Con ella
Esta noche, si se prestan
Me tien impresionado, la manera que se mueve
Me imagino yo con ella, haciendo el seis cienta nueve
A tienta las caderas
Ulado y pa otro
Se baja para bajo
Y el destido bien corto
Las, manos en el pelo
Se la vuelta, se menea
Lo unico malo que tienne es
Una milla fella
Pero esto no me aguita
Estoy y no pisado
Lo parta (???) la boca abierta
Estoy clavado
Y sabe que me tienne
Y se me quai la baba
Me opportunir de solita
Y la cancion nunca se acaba
Ella le hace ojitos
Sorien cuando la miro
Dejame me entran suspido
Porque tengo que llegarle
Pa que nadie mas le llegen
Le occupa ayuda para que
La fella aquien se lleve


[Hook: Kuky]
Shake, shake, shake for me
Don't defy gravity
Let's get it

[Verse 3: Chino XL]
Chino XL and Akwid stack chips
Pullin' the mamis where they keep scandalous
Big breast, probably wanna be an actress
Ended up at a strip club, doin' gymnastics
Lookin' at me, thinkin' marriage and flowers
I'm thinkin' how I'm 'bout to hit it savvy for hours (Yeah)
Scribble a couple of rhymes on the mattress
Got a boyfriend feelin' up the butt madness
Lookin' I'm a vanish
Claimin' that I took advantage
Of my rap star status, embarrassed
Your wife's glamourous, beggin' me to put a little
Somethin' Puerto Rican all inside a baby carriage
But I'm in Vegas, into Paris
Gettin' my hair braided by Jenny Rivera's fingers
The don dada, eating breakfast with Dinara
So ma, I'll call you tomorrow
She cryin' over me, but with a masquera
She only wanted money, so it didn't even matter
She would've love me, then move inside of my palace
And show off my sexual talents, she in love with my lyrical
Strip in front of me in a tower
I had her drippin' naked, comin' out the shower
She got my ass, fin to launch, in a hour
She a force, with the mouth, made me wanna spit a wedding vow
She never tell me, "No," never tell me, "Not now"
Constantly wild, we get awfully loud
That outfit you got on is doin' damage
Lookin' like (???) got's canvas
Fuckin' up my coach classes
Got everyone of the hottest heinas I've ever seen like Billy Dancers (Dancers)
Chino gonna take her home now, sex on a camcorder
Til the whole tape run out



I'm a bad, bad girl