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Artist: Akrobatik f/ Mr. Eon (The High & Mighty)
Album:  Internet MC's 12"
Song:   Sportscenter
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[Mr. Eon (speaking as announcer)]
"After further review, the play stands
First Down!"

This is the jump off, face off, kick off and first pitch
Opening serve or tee off, take your pick
I'm the mailman delivering styles that I'm concocting
While my man Mr. E assists like John Stockton
I stay wilding, mad range like Ray Allen
And while you rock your anthem I refuse to stay silent
Lyrics powered like a fullback, the rap Jared bunch
Catching opponents in the kidney with the rabid punch
Step up in a doubles match to E and Ack and it's over
You get served like an ace from Martina Navatomona
Or Pete Sampras, this camp is very nice
Getting deep like Joe Montana to Jerry Rice

[Mr. Eon]
I stuck up the concession stand for cracker jacks,
Rhyme over hot beats, from the box seats
Eon got cleats, spike you like Ty Cobb
Straight '89 michigan, a tight squad
I challenge John Daly to a drink off
From illadelph with iller-force ????
To get some (censored) on a roller derby
After me your career will end early like Bobby Hurley
A combination Willie Mays and Babe Ruth
With a touch of viciousness like Rae Carruth
Players you a leader, you an NFL scab
Millennium photo type like Donovan McNabb

"I love sports"

Ay yo linebacker frame, general manager mind
Taking me out would be a shock like when Magic resigned
I never caught a flag for illegal use of the hands
I got the fans waving theirs in the air up in the stands

[Mr. Eon]
I be the franchise brain trust in the rain gust
Go back to the fog bowl when the hogs roll
Been rhyming ever since super bowl shuffle
Ever since the Larry Bird Dr. J scuffle

Yo all you rap cats that do your thing straining
Need to bring your asses back to spring training
Getting strong like the swing of Mo Vaughn, as the beat goes
I'll have you betting against your own team like you was Pete Rose

[Mr. Eon]
Yah I take the medicine (sniffing)
When I put the coke in the drink like Hollywood Henerson
Play book burning, still learning
Step to the Vick get your back broke like Michael Irving

Yo, you need to get your stuff and go chill
Before you catch consecutive losses like the buffalo bills
No Cinderella stories here, you ain't doing no damage
Because me and Mr. E got the home field advantage

[Mr. Eon]
I'm coming, Eon, Boom-bye-yay
With color commentary and play by play
With no reason, I'm iller in post season
Like Moses, "Fo-fo-fo" is what I'm screaming

"I love sports"

akrobatik yo
Mr. E yo
High & Mighty yo
Eastern Conference yo yo yo yo yo