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Artist: Akrobatik f/ Mr.Lif
Album:  Triangular Warfare 12"
Song:   Inhuman Capabilities
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Akrobatik 	[Mr.Lif in brackets]
Akrobatik brings the closest thing to lyrical perfection
When I extent my tecs send spiritual conections
Never catch me lounging in the ignorant section
Kill emcees for my profession, with the lyrical [invection?] injection
[Does akrobatik burn?] No question!
I'm vexed trends got ladies drooling over the next men
But I flex pens and bench-press thoughts to build my strength
Cuz the battle will be long and I plan to go the length
You can search latitude and longitude and never find a stronger dude
My attitudes define emcees to prey on for food
My minds like hannibal lectur's
Cuz when it comes to eating niggas up I give cannibals lectures
[It's time to peep some artists of a different texture]
Uplifting the motivated, mentally slaying the extras
[They look gorgous as soon as rigor mortis sets in.
This is when Lif steps in.
Just in time to bust another lyrical headspin. and windmill...
Hes been ill. since way back!
He came into the studio laid back
Then he proceded to blaze a hole in your track
Hurry up and get sum medical aid, the beat starting to fade
This dj's cutting you on a blade
And if you reach for the board your fingers sliced the niggas nice.
You got caught up in a lyrical heist
And got physically diced
You can try to splice him back together]
Will he be the same?

Inhuman capabilites
Is the god human
Inhuman capabilities
We the inhuman

Yo! We stand miles above ur highest point
93 million styles above ur flyest joint
Welcome to the brain you about to get the grand tour
Bringing rappers to they demise like Gigantor
Speaking of demises me and Lif about to plan yours
The incompetent we stomping them at the damn door
[Cuz he'll never comprehend what we stand for
We'll fuck up your Air Force and start up a land war.
Running down the line A to Z like transor
Go the whole line like 5 and 4
Combined after the poeple signed
I heard the people find be...mad shockin when im rocking
Check how our voices are] Interlocking!
[To crush the mental toxin, thats poisening]
You and yuor offspring [So were launching] Bombs!
[In fact, a full scale fucking attack]
On anything wack [Ak hold back]
Naw never that! [I'll sever that thought completely]
You are now getting sleepy [Hypnosis]
Submerged [I'm under] Implant elements
[Lightening] Thunder [I'm surfacing]
Prepare to [Start murdering those verballize but really aint wise
Give them several tries they still meet they demise
Ak and Lif defy] Aries [Large] Got everything you need
[Hammers] Claws [Stitches] Bars [Flamethrowers and saws]
Lif and Akrobatik always blowing the spot
[Cuz we do the type of shit the average human cannot]
Span the globe on foot [In a day an a half]
Go back in time and tell Confucious that [He don't know the math]
Control the elements like a male X-man Storm with a staff
Navigate the 7 seas on a  white water raft
Confiscate all your rounds even before you pull your gun out
[Put some spit on your index finger] And put the sun out!