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Artist: Akrobatik
Album:  Detonator Records, Vol. 1 / Essential Akrobatik, Vol. 1
Song:   Basementality
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[Intro - Akrobatik - talking]
Yo son, some, some wild shit happened to me man
Sense I'm tellin you man, this shit was, it was bananas man
You know I don't drink so I'm comin at you, you know what I'm sayin? Straight
You know, straight up man
Like, listen, it was just, yo a lady, it was wild, yo

[Verse 1 - Akrobatik]
I met this lovely at the bar who interrupted my thinkin (what's up love?)
She offered me some flavor, I told her "I wasn't drinkin (naw, I don't really drink)
I was only at the bar for the seclusion"
She started to walk away sayin "pardon for the intrusion"
I had to end the confusion
Told her "wiggle back over here," she found that amusin (you think I'm funny)
I thanked her for her generosity
She asked me if I wanted to bounce, I said "possibly" (I don't know)
I asked her "what the destination was?"
She said she had a beach house, she rents to vacationers
She had a drink and started runnin it down
About our people and how we need to rebuild from the ground (true)
Impressin me with insight, deep and profound
Droppin gems so frequently, I asked her to "slow down"
I asked her for her name, she said "my name is Truth
That's what my momma named me, not a nickname from my youth (what?)
So how's about that trip to my spot (what?, What?)
We could build on the beach, network and what not"
I was single at the time, so my spirit was free (true)
So we hopped in her ride, it was a white M3
She asked me what I did, I told her that I'm an artist
She told me that I chose the profession that's the hardest
But if you use it right, imagine who you could reach? (true that)
The moment I agreed, we arrived at the beach
Stepped in the crib, it was books all around
The Damaja was on the stereo, throwin it down
I felt right at home in a strange way
She had all the classic vinyl from the hip-hop mainstays
She told me about the way she viewed her spirituality
The slave mindstate and the senseless fatalities
She said that I was chosen to improve reality (me?)
And do it through my music with the basementality
Basementality?? I needed the definition
She said "that it's an underground approach, that takes repetition
It's about stayin down to Earth and humble
Give in to the evils and your whole world could crumble
Keep comin back with more knowledge each year
And hit the people with it, 'cause they need you to share"
My eyes fixated, all I could do was stare
We bounced to the shore, to catch some fresh air
She whispered the sweetest words I ever heard in my ear
Then I blinked and when I opened my eyes, she wasn't there
It was the note at my feet, I picked it up and started readin
It reminded me of tomorrow's recordin session in Sweden
I got the illest news when I got back to town
The bar where I met with Truth had burnt down
(What?), what? (damn), damn

[Outro - Scratches]
"And, and when you walked away"
"And, and, and when you walked away"
"And, and, and when you walked away"
"Treat it as a test, in jest, I swung and represents fell"
"I tell 'em about the keys to wisdom and how to be gainin 'em"
"I hate to see you go, to see you go, to see you go ..."