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Artist: Akrobatik
Album:  Built to Last
Song:   Built to Last
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When I say "Akro", y'all say "batik"
"Akro!" ("batik!") "Akro" ("batik!")
When I say "Akro", y'all say "batik"
"Akro!" ("batik!") "Akro" ("batik!")

Yo... These rappers come and they go
But I've been here the whole time lettin motherfuckers know
(Let 'em know) This is longevity vs. brevity
You'll never be ready to meddle with my pedigree
I'm not impressed by Mr. Fresh Guy
Who's hot now - next year, working at Best Buy
This is Akrobatik, brother, why would you test I?
You leave with your chest fried - even the best tried
And lest I forget, pop rap is no threat
I'm a vet from the era of the purple cassette
And yo, no, I don't drive no fancy car
But where I've been, son, your whip will never get you that far
I'm known as an underground international star
You're the answer to a trivia question at the bar
But guarantee another Akrobatik gem will reappear because ah-ah

[Chorus] {cuts and scratches by DJ Reel Drama}
I'm built To last, I'm here to stay
I hold it down, get out my fuckin way
I'm built to last, yeah you here today
But you gone tomorrow, get out my fuckin way!
 {"Cause I'm the type of nigga that's built to last" <- Ice Cube}

Check it..
Little dudes handin they careers over like they lost bets
Ain't willing to put in the years to be a boss vet
Immovable object, Rock of Gibraltar
There's greatness runnin by you like you're blockin for Walter
Old Faithful, verbal shots bust your whole grapefruit
If Ak smells hate, troop? Then +Black Hell Breaks Loose+
Here's something new to peep and blast, niggaz
For my 2092 +Jeep Ass Niguhz+
What you hear leave the careers of mad toys dead
We ain't going nowhere like Bad Boy said
Fresh since the 80s, in the 90s I was dope
Since 2000, I've been one of the most dependable to quote
Whether you know it or not, I've been blowin up spots
Collectin victories, rocked with y'all New York City to Italy
I strangle the track, and make the song squirm
Standin strong, firm, buiilt to last for the long term, saying


Aiyyo.. I've returned from aortic dissection
To move hip-hop into a forward direction
So you can clear the orbit of this morbid perception
That hip-hop could forfeit border protection
Y'all forced it with this corporate affection
That's leavin fans absorbin nothing more than your sexin and flexin
If you ain't the authentic, then order my next shit
Sit down with it, learn a thing or two about the hectic eclectic
Electricity when I flex my ethnicity (uh)
It's no mystery when I bless the set vividly (uh)
That history is being made
In every Ak verse you hear, sincere homage to pioneers is being paid
I make the jams that the fans want to rush for
Akrobatik is the one-man Mt. Rushmore
Reason laid the dope drum track for me
to proceed with rap's greatest comeback story, because I...