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Artist: Akrobatik f/ Mr. Lif
Album:  Balance
Song:   Wreck Dem
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Yeah, uh

[Verse 1 - Akrobatik]
Yo, mic ripper, that's my job, that's what I do (uh)
Create a new style, distribute it to a few
Die hard, hardcore, underground hip hop, listeners (listeners)
put the signal in the sky like Commissioner
Gordon (Gordon) (what?, uh), and out jumps the warden
To ax up the competition like Lizzie Borden (Borden)
I never sweat the shit that I am or ain't affordin (uh)
Rather sweat the quality of the music I'm recordin
I'm scorin on the mic and you could gamble or bet
That if you come to Ak's casino you play Russian roulette
Yo, but I won't put your head out, I'd rather put you into it (into it)
When I get intricate (intricate), shit you get intimate (intimate)
with your brain (brain), but yo, yo, I won't put your head out
I have these MC's changin faces and tell 'em "get out!" (get out)
You'll have to ring the sweat out your pours when your done
with these verbal calisthenics (uh)
You could try to beef your ass up with Cyrogenics
but your style is dead, it's second round your greeted by the medics (what?)
You just get by the credit (uh)
For soundin like the flavor of the month rap act (act)
The hip hop consumer needs to smack that, asshole!

"Watch dem fly niggaz show you how to rhyme, asshole!" - Guru - 3X
(*scratched*) "Asshole!"

[Verse 2 - Mr. Lif]
Mr. Lif comin off the bench for the Unabomber
Wearin inhuman armor
Made from a theorem, Pythagorean
I fly to outer space and grab a being
Hang ten on a Quasar (where they at?)
There they are
Homemade missiles, start the procedures (uh, no doubt)
I blast femurs of blasphemia
Step off to the side to take a breather
And hit you with the dose of emphysema
Return to see ya, at my leisure
It's a double feature, I'm the creature (what?)
Cops questionin my fans
Searchin for Mr. Lif (Mr. Lif), "48 Hrs." like Ganz (uh)
That's a burden like white mans
I am like Trans (what?)
unseen but my mind expands
Known to swell glands of clans and crews
Able to communicate with bands of wolfs
The beat blaster (what?), similar the beast master
Spell caster, Lif it be, more wizardry
To damage physically with a slow or fast flow
Apparently skills are somethin you lack so


[Break - Cuts by DJ Fakts One]
(*"Asshole!" - scratched several times*)

[Outro - Akrobatik - talking]
Yeah, uh
Perceptionists crew