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Artist: Akrobatik
Album:  Balance
Song:   Time
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(Time!) (*echo*)

[Intro - Akrobatik - talking]
Yeah (right now)
Yo, yo, ain't it funny how like (right now) yo like four years or somethin like that
You go to school (right now) and that could seem like a real short period of time
You know what I'm sayin?
Go by real quick and then other times (right now)
like thirty seconds could seem like an eternity (right now)
You know what I mean?
Depending on the situation (right now)
Of course (right now)

[Verse 1 - Akrobatik]
Yo, time (time), the essence of existence
Everybody's time comes, no resistance (uh)
Answer to the equation of ratin to distance
Thousand year period of split second instance 
(Time) time could be your worst enemy or best friend
If you manage it correctly, you could stack mad ends
I gots to show love to my family and friends (friends)
Cause you never really know when your time will end (end)
(Time) time, it's relative (uh)
It could be one long moment or mad brief ones consecutive
Often we look backwards and time becomes repetitive
I choose to look ahead, know the past and let it live
(Time) Time, the world news magazine
Where you could find what's goin down on the global scene
But no this so called truth got some lies in between
Put additional information in your daily routine ('tine)
(Time) you don't really wanna do it
Trust me yo, I know mad niggaz that's been through it
If your plan ain't workin out exactly how you drew it (what?)
Dust off your lease on life and renew it
(Time) time, it's somethin that we runnin outta
We suckin up the Earth of it's natural power
How much time until the apocalyptic meteor shower?
And we're all bein watched from the media tower
Aiyyo, (time), (yeah)

[Chorus - Akrobatik]
Time keeps tickin, but long as I got it the beats will keep kickin
Time, I won't waste yours, don't waste mine
Give me your ear, I'll give you joints that shine (shine)


[Verse 2 - Akrobatik]
Aiyyo, (time), time, most rappers don't get much
Cause they too busy braggin about their guns and bitches and such (true)
Yo, I'm reachin for a place in your mind they can't touch (uh)
My time is well spent when the mic's at my clutch
Yo, (time) time, it don't wait for us
Whether your waitin for the bus or a lover you could trust
Too much time on your hands, you could fall victim to lust
And have a kid you don't want cause you decided to BUST
Uh, (time) it's what you call it when you need a pause
But life don't come with the timeout clause
I thank God that he chose me for the hip hop cause
I show y'all love you show it back in the form of applause
Yeah, (time) time, we don't got none to waste
We need to move ahead without laziness or haste
When you see me at the venue with that look on my face
Understand it's time for Akrobatik to RIP THE PLACE
(Time) time, from here it seems as though that it's infinite
The concept itself is mad deep and intricate
Spend it with your crew or two could get intimate
Or even all alone that's when you really get into shit
(Time) time, they saw it heals all wounds
If that's true then I hope we find that shit out soon
My people's hurtin but I know we'll make it out the cocoon
Aiyyo, my time is up, I'm out, peace and blessings to the room

[Chorus] - 2X

(Time) ...
Right now ...
Well alright now ...
(Time) ... 
Right now ...
Well alright now ...
(Time) ...
(Time) ...
(Time) ...