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Artist: Akrobatik
Album:  Balance
Song:   The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
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[Verse 1 - Akrobatik]
The hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rocks the world
And I'm the brother that be rockin all y'all hip hop boys and girls
My head is full of curls, dreads, twists and naps
Under that's my thinkin cap, full of efficient raps
Yo, I hit you off with 'em, once they're mastered with perfection
Knock your head up with ideas, that's "Immaculate Conception"
I roll with a crew that has accurate perception
I 'ent my delegates like the night before election
I don't fiend for attention but I fiend for affection
But if there's no protection, Akro ain't connectin
And that could mean Jim Hats or venue security
But if Akro's on the bill, you gotta make it with purity
And when I say pure, it means you can be sure
Real hip hop is comin out the box real RAW!
I feel for the state of affairs and how it runs
So I blast for my music and for my mind for the fun ...

(*"Fun" - repeated several times*)

[Verse 2 - Akrobatik]
The black action figure with the rap kung fu grip
When Ak's in action nigga, prepare for the 1-2 dip
Dip, dive, socialize and all those good joints
Universal appeal, but my reality gives me hood points
Yo, everything points to your awakening
When Akrobatik comes through and my words start breakin in
I'm here for hip hop because there's lives at stake within
I take a slim chance and make it win
And reign victorious, you all know the story is
Ak knows warriors to God, not these studio warriors
Before he was a man, every man was a boy
And if the boy ain't treated properly, then the man can be destroyed
Before he come out, that's why a lot of niggaz dumb out
The men before 'em didn't do the job, so now they run out
No need to pull the gun out, cause slugs ruin parties
I want to grab the real steel and move everybody ...

(*"Body" - repeated several times*)

[Verse 3 - Akrobatik]
Yo, control the elements, every single thing I say is relevant
Droppin gems all over rap, not for the hell of it
I reach for the heavens, triples sixes gets stomped out by triple sevens
Pumped, gets my engine revvin
Without the oils or the natural gases
I bring the facts to the masses to slay their ignorant asses
Never had to bury adversaries under the Earth
Cause they cower to their tombs at the word of my birth
And the womb from which I came is divine
God Bless Pamela Chandler cause she shine
It's because of her that I refuse to be misogynous
Yo, but any foe, male or female, it ain't no dodgin this
On the microphone, my tone feels like a zone that erogenous
Stimulatin beyond your dreams
I'm witty far beyond your schemes
Most Valuab-b-ble Player of this rap All-Star team
Breakin all Richters, once had a scrap with a Boa constrictor
And emerged as the victor
Cause my steez is too deez to squeeze
The metamorphic master of mic monopolies
Dangerous like hotels on boatel properties
And Ak's the judge and jury, so it's time to cop a plea
And I'll continue makin jams to shake your ass to
But promise me that y'all won't let the gems go past you