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Artist: Akrobatik f/ Diamond (Diamond D)
Album:  Balance
Song:   Feedback
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[Intro - Akrobatik - talking] (Diamond)
Yeah, Akrobatik and Diamond, uh
Hittin y'all with the action packed rhymin, what
(What, you got to tell these niggaz somethin man)
Bust it

[Verse 1 - Akrobatik]
This goes out to every rap nigga (rap nigga) (nigga) with somethin to say
Whether fifty states apart or if you right around the way (hey!)
I hope you ready for action (action)
Cause me and Diamond D is hangin kids over rails like Michael Jackson (ha!)
with one arm, but I would never do my son harm (harm)
I always come through in the clutch my nigga, you can bet the farm
on that, it's guaranteed that I always come nice
So any scrubs in the industry, heed this advice
Don't bump heads with act when it's time to plan tours (uh)
Don't let your label jerk you, that's what your hand's for (what?)
Never trust a chicken who'll fuck your man raw
And if your rent money's late, then duck your landlord (woo!)
Producers overseas or livin in the states
Ain't truly gettin live, unless you "Diggin' In the Crates" (nope)
We do it big nigga style, diggin in the plates
Rappers' reps taste great, either fried or baked (yeah)
And any MC that tries to beast me
Gettin thrown against the wall like Jason Priestley (uh)
I flip flows, females find 'em freaky
Keep your mouth shut boy (boy), your faucet's leaky (yeah)

[Chorus - Akrobatik] (Diamond)
When a rapper get to runnin his mouth
and it's obvious that he ain't even knowin what's he's talkin about
That's the feedback (feedback, yo we don't need that)
Keep your feedback (feedback, yo we don't need that)
Everytime a rapper come out his face
Dissin niggaz with the hot shit everytime they step in the place (yeah)
That's the feedback (feedback, yo we don't need that)
Yo, keep your feedback (feedback, yo we don't need that)

[Verse 2 - Diamond]
Yo, yes, yes y'all, so fresh y'all
Stan Smith, green and white, sueded mesh y'all
Strapped up at a function with a vest y'all
On a king sized bed, I make a mess y'all
Squizzy, I love 'em eighteen to over thirty
And your man look like he don't make over thirty
Niggaz be like yo I overheard he
just doesn't give a fuck and that's why the Rover's dirty
Murkin on two eighty with two ladies (uh)
Critics write you off and say you too '80's
Caught a steal in Hyannis for two eighty
And you knocked up some chick with two babies (ha!)
Listen, I got the flow that's nice and easy
On some petty shit, I'm a do you nice and greezy
Grown man style, takes more than ice to please me
Sittin on 22's that entice the breezy (yeah), hey

[Chorus - Akrobatik] (Diamond)
When a rapper start talkin that shit
Or argue about the real rap just because they shit don't hit
That's the feedback (feedback, yo we don't need that)
Keep your feedback (feedback, yo we don't need that)
And when a rapper don't got no skills (right)
And he is the crowd bullshittin cause he couldn't get on the bill (*laughing*)
That's the feedback (feedback, yo we don't need that)
Yo, keep your feedback (feedback, yo we don't need that)

[Verse 3 - Akrobatik] (Diamond) {Akrobatik}
Aiyyo Diamond, yo, you bring the +Stunts+, I'll bring the +Blunts+ (okay) {uh}
And we can make +Hip Hop+ joints for months {uh}
I cool out in Boston, BK and VA (true)
I flow, make tracks, beatbox and even DJ
Can't say shit about my authenticity (yeah) {nope}
And your in awe, when I drop a raw jam wickedly (woo!)
Here to stay in rap, I make all them live with me {uh}
I'm not budgin, not even with four men liftin me (yeah)
I'm too fresh to press, complex to suplex {suplex}
Bangin on the walls of your college dorm duplex {duplex}
Industry fittin to see what I'm gonna do next {next}
I'm 'bout to rewrite the book and give it new text {text}
In the New Beginning, Ak said "let there be flows (uh)
And MC's with rhythm, who actually rock shows" {no doubt}
And everybody had to peep it
When they seen me comin through with the best kept secret (best kept secret) (*echo*)

[Outro - Akrobatik - talking] (Diamond)
Hey, yo, yo, yo Diamond man
I'm a, yo, this, this joint right here is hot
I'm a take it back to the crew and get some feedback on it man
(Hey, that's cool just holla at ya boy when you get back)
A haha, true, no doubt, let it bump yo