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Artist: Akrobatik 
Album:  Balance
Song:   The Bonecrusher
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[Intro - Akrobatik - talking]
Let's take 'em back to '86
Crack bones! (uh), yeah

[Verse 1 - Akrobatik]
206 simultaneous snaps
Is what you suffer when I hit with you spontaneous raps (uh) (what's the deal?)
It's Akrobatik, unstoppable kid
They find broken bones like an archeological dig (archeological dig)
At the venue, from all the broken rappers I've been through
I want to know the extremes their bones will bend to (bones will bend to)
They broke like chicks who act silly and fuck (silly)
And Ambiguously Gay like Billy and Chuck (Billy and Chuck)
I run that ass down like a 36 wheeler truck (*imitating a tire screeching*)
With no brakes (no brakes), cause I don't tolerate no fakes (no fakes)
A "Bonecrusher" like Smith (Smith), "Earthcrusher" like Lif (Lif)
Put you on your tail bone with a blow that's swift (blow that's swift)
The lessons of the game (uh), they need to go back and learn 'em (learn 'em)
Before Ak burn 'em (burn 'em) and leave 'em with a cracked sternum (sternum)
You want battle scars?? Fuck with me, you're gonna earn 'em (earn 'em)
I guarantee you leave the party last in a body cast (in a body cast)
Now you're stuck without bone support
I'll crack your skull and go fishin for thoughts
and find nothin (and find nothin), I'm seein that the playing field is empty
The effects of what I kick is bonecrushin when I MC (bonecrushin when I MC) (uh)

[Chorus - Cuts by DJ Therapy]
"Have you ever heard the sounds of bones splittin?" (splittin, splittin)
"Stab your brain your nosebone" - Prodigy
"My rap snaps ya sacroiliac" - Jeru the Damaja
"Hey yo, step the fuck back, because my raps crack bones" - Akrobatik

"Have you ever heard the sounds of bones splittin?" (splittin, splittin)
"Stab your brain your nosebone" - Prodigy
"My rap snaps ya sacroiliac" - Jeru the Damaja
"Step back, because my raps crack bones" - Akrobatik

[Verse 2 - Akrobatik]
And when I'm not exactly sure what I wanna do next
I simply throw on that old school joint from Das EFX
-- My thigh bone's connected to my, hip bone
-- My hip bone's connectin to my huh, hardy har har har
I laugh cause breakin your funny bone is humorous/humerus
Too many injuries to count, they mad numerous (mad numerous) (uh)
Snap your jaw with the mandible claw (yeah)
Now you feel the pain victims of Hannibal saw! (uh)
Yo, you better keep your platinum in the baller zone (baller zone)
You can't hold the weight of that medallion with a broken collar bone (broken collar bone)
And all you "Internet MC's," please (please)
You can't key style with snapped phalanges (phalanges)
Fist through your monitor, breaks your eye socket (uh)
Niggaz know the party ain't through, 'til I rock it ('til I rock it)
(what's your name?) Akrobatik, one eighth of a ton
Six feet and two inches son, he never flinches (he never flinches)
Crack your pelvis for shakin like Elvis (Elvis)
Strip your vertebrae from your body like a shellfish (like a shellfish)
Body armor can't stop the bum rush
Ak leaves the opposition hush, feel the bone crush, what?



[Outro - Cuts by DJ Therapy]
"The, the sounds"
"The, the, the, the, the, the sounds"
"Sounds, sounds, of, of, of, of, of bones splittin"
"Bones splittin"
"Bones, bones, bones, bones splittin"
"Bo-bones splittin"
"crack bones"