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Artist: Akrobatik
Album:  Balance
Song:   Balance
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Yes, yes, yes
Uh, yes, yes
Yeah, yo, c'mon

People of the world we got to have - balance
You guaranteed to fall off if you lack - balance
It's one essential thing that we got to have
Baby you get to get, you know that we all need - balance
Can't be on point if you don't have - balance
You'll get caught off guard if your game lack - balance
It's one essential thing that we got to have
Baby you got to get, you know that We all need - balance

[Verse 1]
Take a look around, what you see? Turmoil (uh)
At some point recently, the whole world spoiled
It seems like we all fallin (uh)
But I'm here to help restore the balance, cause I'm answerin my callin
And I don't think I'm better than you (nah)
But let me put you on to these jewels and you can put me on too
I never had no problems with a lesson (uh)
I got mad problems with the world though, even my profession
There's no balance in rap, you either nerd or a thug
You either got too many big words or bust too many slugs (slugs)
You could study for years and be the world's top scholar (Gang Starr)
But tryin to make the fans feel dumb, won't make 'em holla (uh)
And this shit is hard to earn, so these thugs need to learn
That they only fuckin it up for the kids when it's they turn (yea!)
Let 'em know they roots and cultivate they talent
So when they reach the crossroads, they can have balance
And that's why the game needs Ak
Troops are at need to bring the realness back (uh)
Everywhere you look now, shit is fucked up (true)
Kids goin to school, they blowin the bus up (uh)
World War III is on the brink of reality
We kill the innocent and call 'em incidental casualties (true indeed)
How do we get some balance back in the mix? (huh)
Look out for each other, cause the government's lunatics


Maintain balance and you won't fall off (yeah)
Maintain balance and you won't fall off (uh)
Maintain balance and you won't fall off (uh)
Maintain balance and you won't fall off (yo)

[Verse 2]
You only got to watch TV for so long
To see our beautiful black women without they clothes on (uh)
I know we capable of producin some fly freaks (uh)
But what about the ones that you get you open when they speak?
That's what I want to see on my TV this week
But there's no balance, so all we gettin is the nipple tweak
Baby girl make it twerk, you'll get paid for your work
I think it's foul, but you lookin at me like I'm the jerk
I like to watch a ass shake as much as the next
But young ladies need to know they worth more than sex
But whatever, cause everywhere I look it ain't straight
Everybody either hypocrites or over run with hate (uh)
The same cat tellin you that God is great
Is makin friends with your son, with plans to violate (true indeed)
Now what the fuck are we supposed to believe?
When the ones we supposed to trust, all got somethin up they sleeve?
Balance - somethin that we got to achieve
If your man slap you up, you got to know when to leave
Balance - somethin that we gotta maintain (uh)
Recognize plots to control your brain (yeah)
Balance - somethin that we all gotta learn (what?)
Take what you will and don't miss out on your turn (uh)
Recognize your worth and cultivate your talents
Remain on point and maintain your ...