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Artist: Akrobatik
Album:  Balance
Song:   Always Bet On Ak
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[Intro - DJ Evil Dee - talking] (*echo*)
Uhh, word up, you know what I'm sayin?
Evil Dee in your area
This how it goes down
Right about now you know what I'm sayin, we chillin in Bushwick
We about to take it down to Boston, you know what I'm sayin?
Hey yo, check this out, you know what I'm sayin?
My man's about to say somethin
Aiyyo Ak, check it out

[Akrobatik - talking behind DJ Evil Dee]
Yeah, (heat it up y'all)
(Heat it up y'all)
(Heat it up y'all)
(Heat it up y'all)
Check, (heat it up y'all, heat it up y'all)
Check one, two
(Heat it up y'all)
(Heat it up y'all, heat it up y'all)
Bust it (heat it up y'all)

[Verse 1 - Akrobatik]
They say it's no such thing as a sure thing
That death is the only guarantee that life brings
Who ever made that up never heard this fact (no)
Akrobatik brings it everytime and that's that
I've seen so many niggaz steady fuck up they chances
No timin to they music only focused on they stances
But what's on my canvas, enhances dances and advances
Rude boys (rude boy), can't wait to chant this
Even in my absence my rap game will render women pantless
So many different styles you can't list
You tried to crossover, now you shook in your boots
I made an album with no singin and I still clocked loot (still clocked loot)
True to myself boy Ak is no scrub (no scrub)
Anybody dispute that get no love (no love)
While your singin 'bout your weenie gettin hard at the club
Niggaz respect the architect because I wreck every dub
All you crackhead rappers better tighten your game up
They're gonna forget about you, when they writin my name up
Sleep if you want but remember this fact (what?)
You could always bet on Ak (Ak ...)

[Chorus - Akrobatik]
If you need an MC to blow it up and make the crowd react
Yo, always bet on Ak
If you got a hot beat and need a brother with some skills on the track
Yeah, always bet on Ak

[Break] (*Cuts by DJ Evil Dee*)
"Wanna gamble?"
"Then you can gamble or bet"
"Wanna gamble?"
"Come to Ak's casino, you play Russian Roulette"

[Verse 2 - Akrobatik]
Yeah, now everybody know I'm on that grown man shit
That make moves, reach goals, follow your plans shit
I'm beefin with that ignorance that's leavin us stranded
And shit sound hot when my speed knots is landed (no doubt)
Who ever thought this young brother from Dorchester
Would come to be 'The Next Big Thing' like Brock Lesnar?
I've been compared to a F5 tornado
Don't get it twisted though, on the mic I'm twice as fatal
I'm snatchin rappers up and teachin 'em humility (uh)
One verse from Ak will crush they credibility
Everytime they speak they expose their edibility
And get ate up quick inside the rap facility
Akrobatik signifies agility (word)
That's why I get my legal hustle-on on many levels, you feelin me?
Yo, you catchin a Beatminer beatdown from Walt (Walt)
So what happens now from this point forward ain't my fault (fault)
Evil Dee slice y'all since 1993 (three)
How many DJ's must get dissed for y'all to see? (see)
Yo, sleep if you want but just remember this fact (uh)
You could always bet on Ak (Ak ...)

[Chorus] ("Yeah" and "Yo" are reversed in the Chorus]