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Artist: Akrobatik f/ Little Brother
Album:  Absolute Value
Song:   Be Prepared
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(Ladies and gentlemen!) (gentlemen)
("brother of, brother of a pitch, brother who start")

[Intro - Rapper Big Pooh - talking] - w/ ad libs
Boston to N.C. collabo
Akrobatik, (yes, yes) Little Brother (yes, yes)
Akrobatik 'bout to set it off (set it off) (UH!)
Phonte 'bout to set it off (set it off) (UH!)
Rapper Pooh 'bout to set it off (set it off) (UH! UH!)
And 9th Wonder 'bout to set it off (UH! UH!)

[Verse 1 - Rapper Big Pooh]
Hey yo, this whole shit's kind of funny
Went from who got the props, to nigga I got money
Everybody reachin in the same pot of honey
Scramble in the streets, but your eggs look runny
Sunny, I excel you can't tell
Veil my brim to those before him
Swim with the fishes, wish for a better year
I'm no shuck but life I spear
The people outside my life, they cheer
I've been peepin y'all my whole career
When the road get tough, curve out, two hands I steer
Want to see how life look from a pier
It appears that all my niggaz know how it look down here
Go hard, just don't play fair
I displace tears, put 'em in every word I rap
Look ahead, ain't no takin it back
It's like that nigga

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs
Now when you see Ak be prepared for the flow (flow)

{Rapper Big Pooh]
When you see Big Pooh it's the knockout blow

And when you see Phonte watch out for big dough
just a PSA to let y'all know

You gotta be prepared ... (are you ready to make your mark?)
You gotta be prepared ... (are you ready to move with speed?)
You know you gotta be prepared ... (are you ready to take the lead?)
Lead, yes, my brother, yes indeed

[Verse 2 - Akrobatik]
Check it out, this whole rap shit is kind of blurry (uh)
It's not quite the same as the days of Hit Squad and Keith Murray
Nowadays rappers come through with a brief flurry
But yo it ain't really no need to worry
Cause you listenin to flows from the heavens
I don't drive but always hear Ak your a legend/Acura Legend
My response - "I'm workin hard, servin my fans and servin God"
The key to makin it in this rap game is simply learn the odds
When I did, I became a business man
Not a whole industry like "yo, who is this man?" (huh)
Little Bro and Akro, you know who they are
Cats gettin money since niggaz was off the radar (yep)
Start the world tour put the 'net in a frenzy
Packin New York City spots on Wednesdays
Always stay prolific, keep the concepts specific
Now we the niggaz that settin all the trends, hey


[Verse 3 - Phonte]
It's funny how niggaz get props for their grind
Instead of the time they invested in they rhymes
I think we got it twisted, got it all wrong
The cart before the horse, the tail waggin the dog
People taggin along to each and every song
That's dumb enough to get the people all on they feet
Ain't nothin wrong with dancin, but we ain't takin chances
Now black radio soundin like Sesame Street
In the middle of a war niggaz playin for keeps
With an idiot in office that we should of inpeached
But you would never know checkin ur-ban radio
To let the music tell it, everything is sweet
I'm done tryin to touch niggaz who don't want to be reached
I want to touch the youth, but here's the fuckin truth
I've played this sport and now I carry the torch
But if niggaz like darkness, then what's the fuckin use?


(*cuts by DJ Jayceeoh*)
"Brother of a pitch"
"Brother of a pitch"
"Brother of a pitch"
"Brother of a pitch"
"Is the brother who start"
"Brother of a pitch"
"Is the brother who start"