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Artist: Akrobatik
Album:  Absolute Value
Song:   Back Home to You
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(*clearing throat*)

[Verse 1 - Akrobatik]
Now, being that the fact is (uh), you was a fly New Yorker
You could of wrote me off as some kind of sick stalker
But I guess I was kind of a slick talker
Charmed you real quick, then made a mean offer
Now we livin like Mr. and Mrs. Walker
Cause even if we was stranded, we'd be hand and hand, Miss
Thing, body that bang, I can't stay away (uh)
I think 'em about to get this ring off layaway
And shine up this knee, it's been a little too long
We've Been "Holdin Each Other Down" just like the Alchemist song (hold you down)
So to not give you no props up on this album is wrong
When you put your soul in somethin, yo the outcome is strong
And them long nights on the road is torturous (right)
But every show is just another step towards our fort-a-ress
I see you doin your thang too
We could make beautiful music together with the way you sang, woo
So while I'm starin out my tour bus window (uh)
Rollin through Los Angeles and San Francisco
I'm thinkin about you buggin out, singin some disco (right)
And all that other shit that I miss yo
Cause listen up, I ain't tryin to be Jared at Subway
I want your arroz con pollo cooked for me lovely
You knew me from a scrub to today (uh)
The clubs that I play, make me glad I didn't meet you in one (hell yeah)
And when my people from the hood see me
They tell me that our shit would really make some good TV
But we ain't goin out like Jessica and Nick Lachey
Because people always be havin bullshit to say
And I ain't worried 'bout no number one hit today
I'm just writin this to say, good lookin out
Thanks for gettin my back even when I was actin whack (what)
All depressed, and talkin 'bout quittin rap
My fans don't know it but they owe a lot to you (uh)
Cause you reminded me, that a man's got to do, what a man's got to do
Truer words were never spoken (no doubt)
Without your help, I might have been forever broken
But now I got sublime rhymes, ready for prime time
When me and my dime shine, it's brighter than the brightest constellation (woo)
It took the tightest concentration and I'm a give that ass a demonstration
When I get home (uh), yeah, I got work to do
When I get back home to you (soon as I get home)
Yeah, I got work to do, when I get back home to you, you, you (I'm a tear that ass up)

[Outro - Cuts by DJ Jayceeoh]
"I miss her" (*scratched 7 times until fade*)