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Artist: Akon f/ Blewz
Album:  The Longest Yard Soundtrack
Song:   So Fly
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Countin every blessing while I'm screamin out
UpFront, UpFront, Akon, Akon
Konvict Music {*echoes*}

[Chorus: Akon]
(Yeahhhhhhhhh) I realize it ain't the life for me
Always gettin into trouble cause (I'm so fly)
I'm on a whole 'nother level
Left the block and now I'm smilin countin money like 
(Yeahhhhhhhhh) Realize it ain't the life for me
Gotta find another hustle cause (I'm so fly)
I'm livin life a lot better  a lot better
Still keep a glock in case the jealous wanna hate tonight

Another day up in the hood can't believe these cats still bangin
Look at the years we wasted on the corner block still slangin
No matter how much we try to make peace gunshots still ringin
Cause to be a hood legend, you die first then become famous
Cause I done seen this type of thang before
Just hangin out up by the corner store
Stick-up kids with them guns galore
Layin e'rybody down stretched on the floor
I thought about it man I'm way too fly
To have a fella robbin me outside
That's why I keep that thang by my side
And count every blessin while I'm screamin out


I hate to say it but the people that's surroundin me are way too shady
The only people I could trust that's my family and my lady
All my dawgs got guns ready for action, they won't betray me
Ain't the type to run or to hold my tongue when it gets crazy
See I been through this type of thang before
Even had trouble with the law
On the couch when they smashed my door
With a warrant found the cash stashed under the floor
I never could understand the cause
I was the one that pulled the shortest straw
I couldn't live this type of life no more
So I had a part of me screamin out


I'm in blue with them BF frames
Walkin on lean while my chain hangs
Drivin somethin, pronounced mad strange
Yeah I'm mad cool cause I been through flames
Walk with a limp cause I been through dames
Now she's a hoe, cause she been through gangs
Beef with cats for a small chump change
I'm rich now, that's more chump change
(Streets is mine nigga!) The cops know slang
Man get the picture, before you buy the frame
Call me heartthrob, cause I'm so vain/vein
Couldn't come close if you sat in my Range
My scars can prove it, I'm passion and pain