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Artist: Akon f/ Styles P
Album:  Konvicted
Song:   Blown Away
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[Intro: Akon] + (Styles P)
Geah (crazy)
It's one of the things man you gotta experience
to know what I'm talkin about (ha ha)
It's where the going gets rough (Akon)
The tough stay tough (Styles P)
Ah-HAH! Upfront, let's go!
Konvict, Konvict, ha ha
We in too deep to turn back now D (sure is)
Watch yourself, 'fore you get (watch) blown away

[Styles P]
You know where I come from
The place where your fade is a mic or a bull or dum-dum
A jail cell, a pine box and brothers are dumb young
Still bust a gun for the slum that they come from
Cops is the only ones they gon' run from
They puttin they hood up
But nine out of ten of us ain't got good luck
You gon' ride on a man and catch 25 (blown away)
Or get hit and get sent to the other side
You lose both sides of the coin
So me, I play the hood baby, nine in the groin
Momma got a little church I could join but I ain't go yet
Man got a mosque I could join but I ain't go yet
Cool with the devil on my back, I'm in cold sweats
About to do some dirt, in some dirty black old sweats
If you known you should've shown the way (blown away)
Most the hood, on the path to get blown away

[Chorus: Akon]
Cause I was raised up to show no fear
Cowardly hearts'll never last long here
If you ain't man up to make shit clear
Guaranteed you'll get blown away
Cause I done seen the block break down tears
And I done seen the cops break my peers
Tryin to hold on a couple mo' years
Tryin not to get blown away

See I ain't never shot nobody, but I'm known for fightin
So when I strike man you think you been struck by lightning
Shouldn't have to prove myself by killin a nigga
Even a child can take a life by pullin a trigger
Retaliation only takes anger mixed with passion
See your target in the distance and keep on blastin
They say, "Guns don't kill people, people do"
So when you hit man you feel that shit them evils do
Can't see myself gettin beat down, my eyes swollen
Moms cryin, really don't know what happened, my pride's stolen
If I ain't got my heat (uh-huh) then I got a blade (uh-huh)
That can get you off me in so many ways


I keep my eye out for Jakes, ears to the streets
Other eye out for snakes, and these scandalous freaks
If we ain't on good terms don't bother to speak
Don't smile and try to spark a convo with me
Same thing make you laugh, will make you cry
Fuck around and let this quiet nigga here take your life
Hate for it to be you the world's sacrifice
So somebody else could travel through the tunnel of life
Cause I'm that type of guy I'll be there when you're ridin
But I stay to myself
So if you see me out there with a bear and we fightin
Nigga then go help the bear