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Artist: Akbar
Album:  Big Bang Boogie 
Song:   Driftin' Thru Space
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In the beginning was the word
and the word was with Allah
and the word was Allah,
nothing would exist, if Allah did not create it
nothing would exist, if Allah did not create

Let's go back on a track and embark
On a trip thru space to a time and place when everything was dark
Afar from many star, remotely distant
In the beginning when life was non-existent
Allah created himself, Allah self-created
all-knowledge before man first originated
From the Son of Man, but he begotten out the sun
For Allah is one, and besides him there is none
But still it was dark, not a spark in the night
So from the mind, he shined, and blind like a divine light
And than in a cosmic burst, a star dispersed
And first began to expand thru-out the universe
So light was shed and spread to infinity
And the stars, the sun and moon, would soon began to BE
As planets evolved and revolved like satellites
In orbit to absorb the rays of sunlight
Rotating and spinning, beginning to take form
Until gradually, the galaxy was born
Than Allah gave birth, to the planet Earth
The land, The Heavens and the seven seas
And made it one of the nine planets to circle the sun
As it spun, at 360 degrees
Than clouds were formed which stormed and brought forth rain
To quicken the Earth and moisten the dry terrian
And seeds were sewn and grown and soon grass would shoot
As trees would root and began to bear to fruit
The land was divided by oceans and great seas
Wit rivers that ran like the Nile and Euphrates
And fish swam and birds flew thru the skies
And animals roamed the plain and they too multiplied
As each and every living thing began to sing
Giving praise to The King
For bringing life and love and peace and harmony, will manifest
Than Allah blessed the night, as the sun set in the west
As it turned to face the east, giving grace
Now you're driftin' thru space

You're driftin' thru space, driftin' thru space, driftin' thru space
Now close your eyes and visualize and realize
That we're all driftin' thru space

From black dirt
Allah created and prostrated the first man and had him
Giving the name of Adam
Incised out like the fetal position
within a mothers womb, still in total submission
To the will of Allah, but he was soon to be awoken
Stretching forth until darkness was broken
Than he sat upright, in the light of truth
Sang 'Allah-u-akbar' for his life is proof
That Allah is Merciful, The Most-Benevolent
And Knower-Of-All, for he is All-Intelligent
Than he chose to rise and rose and began to stand tall
And became Khalifah for over all,
the living things, thru-out the planet Earth
And given the keys to this great universe
Than he first realized that Allah had uplifted him
Wit knowledge and wisdom and mentally gifted him
So he bowed his head and seven times he softly said
'Glory be to my LORD, The Great' and tears were shed
But tears of joy for Adam was more than grateful
Was still alone and without a mate until
Woman was made to compliment the man
And co-exist in paradise when life begin
From a single pair, the first trace of the human race
As we drift thru space

We're driftin' thru space, driftin' thru space, driftin' thru space
Now close your eyes and visualize and realize
That we're all driftin' thru space