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Artist: Aggro Santos f/ Giggz, Joe Grind
Album:  Hot Freestyle (S)
Song:   Hot Freestyle (Swagger)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Aggro]
By now you should know who I am
and if you don't then real talks you're just not doing this fam
It's Aggro I got swagger man who dyu think you're badder than?
You thought I came commerce but then I flipped it like a hollow gram
Now I'm on this track with Joe Grind and Hollowman
and right now I'm so nice chicks won't have it off another man
Think you're better than me please stay seated I got so many fan
 I could never feel heated
I got so many bars they could never be repeated
and there's sotum close by but it's never been needed
I been there
I done that I had a number one but you won't see me rest until I've had another one.
I don't mean to be boasting I get a lot of choong chicks but I'll fuck a butters one if I'm roasting
I'm linked in North
West and South and all I had to was sing a song about my house
How easy...

[Verse 2: Joe Grind]
Time I look good cause I went [?] so now girls don't just stare take pictures (ummm)
If I say every week can get 3 Os I ain't talking bout green I mean figures (dam)
Trap house might be your sisters all I do is hand her a pink note
Every now and then I give her a good fuck and that will make the bitch break down Os
And since I made it on that grime
ain't got time for my numbers so I changed it three times
True my mix tapes hard I made enough hits I think to get me a free yard (dam famm)
And you should see my MySpace says girls leaving message saying come at my place
If I go home late that jezebel gets straight doggy she ain't seeing my face

[Verse 3: Giggz]
Black woolly Nikey hat pack that Adidas jacket in the grind gettin mac
Light square paps (yeah) nightmare raps (yeah)
niggas better know that Mr
Ice creams back (ooh).
I ain't searching for a deal I just sit and wait
got the hardest 16s on the sickest tape
Every deal I make ain't shit
if it ain't bringin in no pum-pum and a bit of cake (ummm)
Never think you can rise up to my level fam I'm on some Mr
Sheen shit you're some moul Dettol
I'm a mic devil you ain't on Grinds level
every 16 I lay downs like a white pebble (jheeez)
And I don't need to boast cause my lifes ghetto
got floating nice in a wash that's a bright kettle
Don't try medal with the ice-cream man I got live metal