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Artist: Aha Gazelle f/ Reg Rob
Album:  Trilliam 2
Song:   No Haircut Talk 2
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[*Phone chimes*]
Reg Rob: Got a text message... Ashely...
Thank you for those words of encouragement you really made my day...
really made your day?
Oooooohhh This before I gotta haircut...
I wonder... let turn my read receipts on, let me hop on the Snap too
Yooo ladies, what's up this ya boy Reg Rob uhhh
You know what time of the week it is?
It's Haircut Talk, yea I actually have a haircut
So, look if you're trying to reach out to me
It's gonna be about 3 to 5 business days before I respond alrite?
That's just the price of looking good (chuckles)
So if you need some type of encouragement refer back to the tape...
ya know, Trilliam 1, No Haircut Talk 1... yea know whatever
So look, all that lubby dubby stuff that's dead
Alrite get outta here... champ