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Artist: Aha Gazelle
Album:  Trilliam
Song:   The Aha Show (Alternate Theme)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Is you ready or is you not?
Is you cold or is you hot?
Is you fast or is you really fast?
People over there wanna hate, but we ain't worried about them
Cause they is them and we is us
But anyway we ain't here to talk about that
We here to talk about this music y'all about to hear
Get ready, get set, it's Aha

Ahhhhh, Ahaaaaa
It's Aha, it's Aha
Ahhhhh, Ahaaaaa
It's Aha, it's Aha

When they make a darker color I stop wearing all black
I'm sicker than a doctor's office, serious as a heart attack
Something doesn't smell right, pee-yew who's fart is that
Someone got to take the charge, maybe you who's fault is that
I couldn't beat the charge but got the final judge to pardon that
It's so much blood up in the water, baptism or shark attack?
I feel it in my arteries, the blood of Jesus brought me back
In a party full of garden beans I got more heart than cardiac
I'm killing on this 90's beat, momma where my lawyer at?
She said she wanna catch the fade, but I don't want no part in that
Throwing my life away don't make no sense I'm not the quarterback
I'm only good for one thing, tell me where the party at
Hold up, who stayed true and never told on em'? (It's Aha)
Who made the sauce up on the stove for 'em? (It's Aha)
Who got the black and put some gold on it? (It's Aha)
I'm getting dough like ding-dong this right here the theme song

Ahhhhh, Ahaaaaa
It's Aha, it's Aha
Ahhhhh, Ahaaaaa
It's Aha, it's Aha

She like "ooh you so conceited for this song"
But I'm always misunderstood like reading the lips wrong
Problems that they have with me I know that the list long
But I'd rather have 'em pissed off than to get pissed on
Picture me rolling, black boy ballin' like bowling
I got game like token in front of the TV while it's loading
She made me her ex before I blew up and got the promotion
And now she blowing me up I guess that that's short for explosion
I'm hanging with Jonah in other words I wasn't going
Before I fall away with Donkey, Shrek, and Princess Fiona
I'm God's chosen but I was living like I was the owner
I'm scared of the ocean was defeated until I put my toes in
My first name is William I guess that's why my will is imposing
I had to start over and reproduced it all like a scrotum
It really is hopeless cause none of this gon' matter in the end
Perfect punctuation combination like semicolons
But I ain't finished a matter of fact I keep risin' like homemade biscuits
I'm just a copy cat because my Savior is risen
I'm too cool of a cat to be bitten, not playing with kittens
They try to box me in I beat 'em down like a pair of mittens
24 hours I'm cooking and mixing the sauce in the kitchen
Y'all was daring me to go and do something different
And now they stare at me like my head is missing
Because I learned how to grow by sleeping on the floor like half of my listeners
I guess that makes me a kindergartner, my hands are in the mud
I work hard so I can start it up
I didn't mind the pain, if it don't hurt then it ain't hard enough
I didn't mind the rain cause everybody knows what water does
I grew up like a Megazord, didn't change I just metamorphed
I'm the one like 3 minus 2, and no that ain't no metaphor
I low-key just brought the hammer down I think I'm kin to Thor
But I don't judge I just hope you know who you -

Yeah, he looks good in that all white