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Artist: Aha Gazelle
Album:  Free Barabbas (Mixtape)
Song:   Make You Love Me
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I got an addiction
Ain't got nuthin' to do with no sniffin' no
It won't send me to prison
Matter fact I can't even get detention
I'm allergic to quiting
They think that I'm stuck up because I just shut up and listen
I'm spending all night in the kitchen
and can't nobody else make what I'm fixing
I gotta reservation no accident that's a planned placement
The sign says pets allowed please turn around
It's just people that I can't take in
My bad that was kinda rude of me
Young black boy just thinkin foolishly
During recess they was always pickin' the teams
I gotta make sure that they choosin' me
I just wanna be the one that everybody likes to love
not for who I am but what I've done
And what I do just to get to this level you have no clue
Don't get me started I don't go to party's
Ain't no late fees I don't get tardies
On court I gotta be cold hearted
If I cross you over you don't get no sorries
Ain't no late text don't got nobody
Don't need nobody that another problem
Rich people don't got time to spend
even tho it's prolly just my memories talking
Ima keep on walking even if I'm planking
when I hit the water Ima hit rock bottom
Cause I just go harder and forget surroundings
I don't even care about the people who's around me
So who tryna challenge me ain't no kid in school as bad as me
To these locals rappers tryna do music
don't know what ya doin', what you doin' is embarrassing
They say I don't hold it down for Louisiana
cause I don't rap about money I ain't stackin'
Got 'em confused and they can't understand me
you ain't I gotta lie I know you can't stand me
Back when I was workin at the grocery store
for Mr. Randy that was me baggin'
Back when I was only doin' talent shows TrillWill that was me rappin'
That's was me actin tryna be somebody that I couldn't be
I just wanna be the one that they wanna come see

I'mma make you love me
I'mma make you love me
I wanna be your favorite person
I wanna be your favorite person

I ain't ever felt love like this
I ain't ever took a drug like this
I ain't ever been above like this
She came up to me after the show and said she ain't never seen a thug like this
Who me it couldn't be
You wouldn't believe the things that I get to see
all because I spit that hot fire on MP3s
like mic check hold up oh-one-two-three
Oh they love me now
I'm not ugly now
I bought a large I got money now
Everybody laughs my jokes I'm funny now
I even enjoy goin out in public now
This preachers kid slash mighty morphin ninja turtles
jumpin over all these hurdles
I went Pokemon hunting and I coulda gotta mew 3
but I just stuck with squirtle bars
First of all Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior that's for all them haters
That be trippin cables all because God made me a little extra innovative
I'm not into drinking but this verse is smoking
And I'm into thinking and my thoughts a spoken
But I'm non chalant cause people don't listen to listen no more they just wanna respond
Marty said he don't look up to these rappers for no inspiration
But I do cause these are the guys who weren't supposed to make it
These are the guys that didn't get invited but somehow still gotta invitation
These are people that white folks pay go see even if they is racist
I'm not sayin what they do is right
All I'm saying is we in the same fight
We just wanna feel that real love
Like when God's Son had to give up his life
Ain't nobody really 'bout that life
Y'all all talk and y'all no fight
Infatuated with all this money but ain't nobody tryna pay this price
I won't ever let you take my soul
I won't ever let you own me
Don't you see I put my life in this
I write my own songs I make my own beats
Besides someone already owns me
Ya'll ain't ever gon' control me
Hol' up I'm not finish'
I feel like some people that came in my life just pretending
They only care about my music
Other than that they never wanna kick it
I'm bout to kick you off the bus
I ain't really good with trust
Loyalty is a must
So much stress runnning through my mind it would make a Christian wanna cuss
Like what the uh
You better watch what you doin cause I promise I don't got time
Don't just look at her body but look at her or mind
or be willing to pay cause she fine
I'm in the back I mind business
Used to argue back in forth like playin tennis
But not no more do you
Ain't nobody touchin you so you'll never get it
Get it hope you not offended
I won the game but I lost your attention
I'm just a lame with an Allstar vision
You told me thangs that twitter won't mention
You'd thought I'd forget it
Don't look up to me I'mma rapper Don't waste your minutes
I'm through