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Artist: A.G.
Album:  Get Dirty Radio
Song:   Yeah Nigga
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Uhh, hey
The fuck is poppin off out here?
G.D. nigga, the ave, y'knahmean?

Now yeah ma I turn words to flames
And - in one verse I can burn your brains
And - right from the party she like ice on her body
So when I got her naked she threw on my chain
41 shots to the lobby of your buildin
And keep shootin cause I probably ain't kill him
And that's in memory of Amadou Diallo
But keep on frontin that's what I'ma do to y'all though
Cruisin with a carload, not 50 we stuck
Look at that easy starmode induced
with a Dolce Gabbana bandana V
He's always jokin but stay with the hammer - me?
I'm on the low like Joe in Montana - no~!
I'm on the balcony like Tony Montana
Cause these niggaz tried to hit me at the Copacabana
No - not cause of ki's cause my flow is bananas

Now over here niggaz sayin my name (sayin my name)
Therefore bitches feelin my game (feelin my game)
Yeah nigga I got bitches with fame (bitches with fame)
Where nigga right there in the Range (in the Range)
Now over here niggaz dealin with truth (dealin with truth)
Therefore niggaz feel we the truth (feel we the truth)
Yeah nigga I'll be schoolin the youth (schoolin the youth)
Where nigga? Right there in the booth

Your boy A.G. is back on his grizz'
And - yeah nigga, cause that's what it is
Wanna lean back with my wiz in immaculate cribs
Play the carpet, fall back with my kids, holla back at your nig
I live hard, I die hard, I think big
Got big balls, I fuck hard, so fuck y'all
King of the under, y'all wired for sound, singin the number
I wish you would, I'll bring you the lumber
I'm God like LL, in "In Too Deep"
When my pencil bleed it's like a minstrel bleed
I'm a weirdo, with a weird flow, y'all queer folk
Get some thongs or wear those nigga, yeah those
Y'all trash niggaz wanna rap, I'm G.D.
See me with five-oh, better have a nine in front of that
She gave me her mind because I rap
Then she gave me the lye, I stopped smokin ma nah I can't fuck with that


Now over here I be countin my math (countin my math)
Therefore niggaz not in my class (not in my class)
Yeah nigga when we drop it's a smash (drop it's a smash)
Where nigga right here on the ave (here on the ave)
Now over here we got a hellafied bomb (hellafied bomb)
Therefore it was put on my arm (put on my arm)
Yeah nigga, gettin dirty is strong (dirty is strong)
Where nigga? Right there in the Bronx