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Artist: Afu-Ra
Album:  State of the Arts
Song:   BK Dance
Typed by: Tha Lyricz Finisha

[Chorus 2x: Afu-Ra]
Nobody move, nobody get hurt
Nobody move, nobody get hurt, yea
Nobody move, nobody get hurt
Nobody move, and nobody get hurt

I'm not a bad boy, or a rude boy blood spiller
Notice how I touch the microphone like gorillas
Dressed in all white, sparking up my tire
It's Brooklyn dance y'all, that have me in a trance y'all
I slid my way, right up in a jam
Skated on the dance floor like I was Peter Pan
Put style's together, I inspired Dapper Dan
Plus I'm down with the Wu-Tang Clan
No bodyguards, I'm just a dred rolling dolo
Looking for an empress, and not a ho, yo
I made my way to the bar, the DJ shouted me out
To kick that Shogun slogan
I ordered hennessey mixed with Captain Morgan's
And made my way right to the booth, to bust a flow son


And all my big body medium and slim body Chaka queens
A hip hop nigga rocking in reggae scene
Arms out, skin out, synchronized as he rock to the beat
And can you stand the heat
And can you wind your waist, without moving your feet
And if you don't like sweating, you should take a seat
Yeah yeah, I mixed it out with my homey, Robbie Gandis
Pulling a cigar from Havana, like a don dada
While lil' ma's eyein' me up in the corner
I talk to bartender, an order, two corona's
I slid on over, the way she look made me sober
Cuz I'm a smooth brother, yeah I kept my composer
We danced all night, to guess what, the drama
It couldn't be a Brooklyn dance without no drama

[Chorus 2x]

One shot, two shot, rat-a-tat, tat-a-tat-tat
I grab the hand, and we jeted out the spot
It was a beef between a yankee boy and Jamerican
The whole crowd spreaded out in a hurry, shit
I held a taxi, and hopped up in the backseat
He told the driver, 550 Jay Street
And by the way, I'm taking you with me
Cuz I, I really really like the way you MC
Aiyo, aiyo, aiyo, I didn't really know you like me
Now we both fixing on the party
Aiyo, aiyo, aiyo, but you can parle with me
Cuz that's the way I like things to be

[Chorus 2x]