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Artist: Afroman
Album:  A Colt 45 Christmas
Song:   Afroman Is Coming to Town
Typed by: Lady J [ Staff]

[Afroman laughing]
Hey what's up, Dog Dirty? 
Hey, Po' Boy, check this shit out

You better not pout
You better not shout
I'll slap yo' grandmama's dentures out
Afroman is coming to town

Hey I'm slapping her once
I'm slapping her twice
A no teeth blowjob feels real nice (slurp)
Afroman is coming to town

I know that you been smoking 
All my tumbleweed
I looked into my dope sack
All I seen was stems and seeds (cluck)

Hey you better get dressed
Hit the door
Go to the dope spot and buy some more
Afroman is coming to town

All kinda states, all kinda cities
All kinda women yelling "Sign my titties"
Afroman is coming to town

All the ladies in the crowd givin' me hugs
And all the fellas givin' me noogs
Afroman is coming to town

The cops always know
There's drugs at the show
Before they get to the stage
I smoke up all the 'dro

Oh read me my rights
Take me to jail
The weeds all gone and I'm high as hell
Afroman is coming to town

Hey, Po' Boy
Play a little sumthin sumthin, you know what I'm sayin'?

Hey Dog Dirty 
Hey let me get a lighter man!