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Artist: Aesop Rock
Album:  Float
Song:   Flashflood
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In slid rhythm, fed a cycle bound by dilemma, debt, and vendetta
Escaped briefly back to my apartment to park in front the fan
And reminisce about the day I ran a mile with your heart in my hand
Contestants get the New York home game with real live shoot-'em-up action
Thug, vagrant, yuppie and art freak game piece all included
I told this cat the earth was flat 
He walked 'til his beard grew long enough to strangle himself for being stupid
Its brick-a-brack novelties spliced with that six pack odyssey
Godspeed, tequila worm future, be concerned
My feelers spread across the land reporting avalanche sightings
While my introverted side is flying cadavers on kite strings
I'm a never give, I'm juiced off projection
I'm stubborn as a thousand born-agains avoiding questions
From the alpha to the zed 
I bait this data for my pledge to bathe a traitor 
In the twice forgotten favors that he bled
And not a creative stirred
It reeks of subway metal, bevel edged journalist chin-on-fist shenanigans
Re-coin mayhem with bonuses, benefits and break room
Mummified maniquins with future clenched adament and skeleton in cabinet
This amalgram circus got a ring of fire 
Just big enough to shove my purpose in the circle
I'm known to dip dusk in a broken city curfew
Release the hounds 
To see which one could track your trail and serve you, sucker
I lay the law down upon its belly while my foot 
Dug in between the 3rd and 4th disc yelling 'break yourself'
I finally actualized data commission 
Past penny tip jar donation arrangement, but a far fetch from stability
Took a hard pledge early on
Blood donor to drum dozer plowing the metronome home
Blown caddy-cornered to cockeyed sound booster 
Sensationally seismograph 
Stabbing away on stone tablet to sketch a grouchy future
I drifted out the main spelunking unit with watered down 
Sample of cancelled development, courtesy America
Land of the freebase, home of the triplicate grill character
My sorta sideways tilt caught pinball blinker and citizens 1-x
Weren't steadied for this leaning grievance with dilapidated winter jacket
I rock a crooked lid piece and sweat a bit to my wookie ends meet
Pacifist willing to step into a friend's beef if needed
Wing clipper out hierarchy
Passionate while they wine on some 'daddy's gonna kill Ralphie' shit
Suck the proverbial silver spoon 'til their parents quit apparently 
Parasol spinning casually
Like 'I'm an artist, please don't laugh at me'
OK, time to buckle the fuck down
Solder your wobbly system  back to original form, pumpkin
You could catch the memoir in several dimensions
The joy-of-life logic don't employ the spite process
Hence your plight botches