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Artist: Aesop Rock
Album:  Fast Cars, Danger, Fire, and Knives
Song:   Facemelter *
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* Only available on copies that DO NOT have lyric booklet

[Aesop Rock]
Blaze with a face melter, go fish
Pigeon itchin' for a pit to put the pig in
Scalped bottom feeder nose bleeder cheap seats
To the meat eater sweeps sweet weak freaks
What up?
Grip clicker smack the dummy box fix picture
Stickle over shit cinema flicker in the plasma
The latch key degree was obtained in the savage years
Where he learned the binding of a wire hanger to rabbit ears (Rabbit ears)
Every pixel that leaked dead over the carpet
Had to be spit shinned and hidden before the ford duster parketh
When mommy marched in wrapped the broccoli in the napkin
For your electric paradesio after the parent crashes
And I'm high on ion jitters, call it a prime directive of the damned
Who grew to sleep easy to white noise
The humming of the machinery running toward them crawl
Social retardation larvey plugged into the wall
The little short circuit with the still born vibe
'Till the villagers circled and determined, "It is alive!"
Shipped to bell view eyes fuzzy talking funny
Like, "Eagle one to gray squirrel, what's your twenty, dunny?"
I piss clumsy with electrode head pan (Sorry)
Pity the pretty internet gotta empty the bed pan
Left hand numb from the finger to the thumb (Right!)
Right got boobs in it irony is fun (Yaaay!!)
At some point early when drunk on electric kisses
I'd apparently notarized forms excusing scalpel slippage (Sign this)
The pain came on a makeshift main stage
And sentenced to in an inoperable eight bit frame rate
For that I made a game play reborn torn
At the ministry of information trying to get informed
They'll duck it out and I will cease all wars
So if you babysit a caroline be fore warned
I be the ultimate (Ultimate) multi-polar
Mobile medicine cabinet stocked adequate
Pockets like maracas that will shake when he stepped
Which explains the circle of rattlesnakes where he slept
Smarter then the average bear barter parts and gadget
With battery up enthusiast pardon the barking badgers
While you were parking daggers in kittens with snarling children
I was sharking classes with taggers for television (Click!)
Gattaca days attica paper scattered
Diagonal mahogany boggled the train savage
To boxed the botanically inclined child slave labor
Blades clipped the perfect petal now play later
Play never if escaped raped treasure
That's a jewel freebie out a old geezer no teether
Or even yesteryear scrapes fester administer gauze,
but catourized wounds bleed if you ain't ethered the cause
Keep it applaused (Yay!) keeps the garbage leper tempt
Porn king of New York, alley punk perv scum
Waddle on the voyage of the voyeur
Six four sick king breezer sniff whores through brick
I am so dangerous evil and mercy heaven
Allergy to compassion he is the perfect weapon
Un-Earth it and ciphened from delorian doors swivel up
With aviator radar blip for most glorious titty fuck
Cool green over the frame under the clothes line
Who's crew choose fuel most mine
Holy Trinity triple six triple x city barrack
Glutton for punishment super size me while you at it
He da:
Built hideous silk of the milk litigant silly wicked finick he fidget the middle digit ish
Will he water what he feel is illy to picky at every little smidgen of integrity
as your industry bitch? NO
Final mentions track the moniker
To the freight hot raking of butter beans and harmonica
Dirty old man no tea cup thirsty peak up skirts
For slaps from that d-cup nurse
Cackle his old gums lewd (Lewd) crass
Show the girl a trick like how he opens can food with the only tooth he has
She like, "That's fucking disgusting!"
They don't call him anabolic ace for nothing, okay
Now current picture aside all anti-celebs remain aggro
Half mast the flag pole
Dead walk sturdy but the day I greet the worms
I pull the daisies down with me as a fuck you to the norms
Generic's so unappealing and in my humble opinion
Defeats a rappers civic duty to the culture
Granted every topic has been covered, but cookie cutter
Delivery of simpleton wit is the real culprit
So whether street club battle conscious or other
I find that interesting style can often out weigh the subject
So when the disc major goes from guns to space
It is not an attempt to fake credibility for the public
But fuck it, it's Ace Rock six records of gibberish right?
He's trying to hard to be weird and different right? (Riiiiight)
Or could it possibly just maybe be his lessons
Can't be summed up in a linear set of pop culture references?
(Wow!) Yeah, but why try I'm so groggy
The mach nine valentine ain't for everybody
But I will say this to y'all that used your fifteen of fame
To mention my name that sixteenth minute regret is fuckin' insane
And that's a longevity veteran pedaling free medicine (Here)
Who the fouler howler? (Me) Who the rabble rouser?
What the happy hour starved the Peruvian aggy powder (Tight)
Trade up at the digital Jesus factory outlet (Bout it bout it)
Bout it bout it fuck a fork tongue cutlery the fuckery is famous
Never wild shook, but a slang that maybe alienated a couple strangers
Held a mongoloid fan base that is alien by nature
Robot wars machines hit the floor
And the simians syncopated a gigantic "ENCORE!"
Alright I'm bored five minute bag of tricks
If you hate me you can eat a bag of dicks