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Artist: Aceyalone
Album:  A Book of Human Language
Song:   The Thief
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As I awaken 
Born from the slums and taken 
Through the ritual, childhood, puberty, adulthood, maturity 
And mastery of me 
And my surroundings counting down the days till I'm exposed, 
"I hear it move swiftly" underneath the nose 
Till one day you're face to face you're gonna cross the line 
You're lost for time 
Life lose diminished 
Heart beat finished replenish 
Now you can be one with the light 
But when it comes it'll come like a thief in the night

So hollow the ground and don't put up a fight 
Cause when it comes it'll come like a thief in the night
Yeah, obey the laws and do everything right
But when it comes it'll come like a thief in the night
For real we take 'em away
They take 'em away
We take 'em away
They take 'em away
We take 'em away

Verse 2:
I hear the sound of the rain trickling down my window pane
It stains the seal to let me know life is real
Sustain and build and and maintain a force field
I use it in a time of need when it's hazzardest
As it is said 
Be defensive at all time for instance
As soon as I'm elevated out of existence
I am no more
I can soar 
Right on the back of an eagle
Or look eye to eye with a beetle
But now I am engaged 
In none other than the physical form in which I'm caged
Such lawlessness involved in this charade
Tainted face painted black 
"Is that the end momma? Can't I come back?"
No your train stops here
Right where the rain drops appear 
Next stop inbetween the ears
Objection to make you cirular
Work you just enough so you can work yourself 


Verse 3:
Overly anxious can't just wait
To see when death is gonna pull you to your fate
It's inevitable there's no escape
There's no mistake 
Every time a life is given it's another one you have to take
Then your electricity and and your energy's released
Born into another soul after your physical's deceased
May you forever rest in peace
Although your current is concurrent there is no deturrent 
You will cease to be no more
The war has been won
The warrior is rested and your duty here is done
Just when you think you're having fun
It'll snatch you up and run
For a second you appreciate the sun
For a half a second you appreciate the stars
For a half a second you reflect on who you are 
And what you where 
And in a flash it's all a blur


Ladies and gentlemen today's subject is death
The way I look at it it's three basic elements right? 
Die, dying, dead right? Die, dying, dead. Death becomes you says the crow to 
the cheetah because you're an old cat. See you seem a little under the 
weather, while me, my wings are as strong as ever, he says.
"Well that may be so" the cheetah says to the crow, but you know where to 
find me, because everybody gets their time card pulled. You'll just be a few 
more steps behind me, and behind you may I remind you so is everything that's 
true and living, that's life driven is given a final shock boy. Frankly 
speaking, everything in here is on the clock boy. Every atom, organism, 
insect, animal, man is gonna die, dying, dead. "Death becomes you," says the 
armadillo to the crow, "Oh you oh you are gonna die."