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Artist: Aceyalone
Album:  A Book of Human Language
Song:   A Book of Human Language
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Everytime I flow I get this vision and I know
Everytime I know, I manifest it then I go then
Everywhere I go I plant a seed I hope it grows
But every seed planted ain't always granted life though
Some grow slow and then they flourish in the end
Then again some grow fast and they die out as soon as it begin
Now many moons ago my seed planted into minds that feed
Yes indeed, I cut out fleet
I'm sweatin' tears until I'm freed
My sect of the 213 but protect to the E-Y-E
Just soak it in like mother earth this earth
Who was once this jewel
Is just a cesspool for fools truly well
There's another chapter to that neverending captured rapture
I tap your mental and stroke the mind so gentle
I'm the sunshine not starred, now I'm irregular and bizarre
But I know exactly who I are, yeah
And I love keepin true and not by ours???
Nobody likes to be a waterboy forever
Never seeing the field thinkin you got it together
Playing foosball in the street
It's yo' game but it's they concrete
And it's my ball, it's my treat
It's my world, it's my head
I live in a hellhole in the wall
And i'll never see the light of day
Subliminals controllin all of y'all but they won't take mines away
What is that instinct to react before you think
And'll make that thought complete
Tell it to the weak, smell before you eat
See I never try to mislead and I walk this planet keyed
Yes indeed, I cut out fleet
I'm sweatin' tears until I'm freed
My sect of the 213 but protect to the E-Y-E
Just soak it in despite all this anguish
It's a book of human language
A book of human language 
(A book of language)
It's a book of human language
(A book, a book for reading and reading is fundamental)
It's a book of human language
(And reading is for the mental, for the nondimensional)
(Unintentional yet unconventional here to the)
Just a book of human language
(And books are for reading and this is a book of human language)
(A book of human language)
The lion will never ever lie down with the lamb
That's how I was taught when I sought out to tell them who I am
I exam, I live for the bank and swam, changed my program
But they hold me back like water in a dam, but I won't be held
Even though on a trail with bread crumbs
I'll take it to the max headroom
You'll need more than excedrin
Codeine, morphine, nicotine, caffeine
In yo canteen in your blood stream
I'm a well oiled machine, keep my area quarantined
For regardless of flowin' team? to the shores of tripoli
Scientifically ain't no river me, I'm terrifically well spoken
See many attempts to get a glimpse to see what the hell I'm smokin'
But it ain't no 'bama, I just mastered this bastard grammar
I go outside my parameter and stretch out my diameter
It gets bigger than gamera
So picture that with your camera
Gots steez-amina and steezyle 
My steezory as a child ain't much more harsh than yours
I just express mines a little different cause
Life ain't fair but who really cares 
I know some people thats over here but they wanna be over there
I know some real cool cats yeah, but they wanna be bears 
And when I see 'em chasing chickens, I get heated like a flare
On your face looks scared, your spacesuits got a tear
Yo' a square and I'm beyond compare and I'm rare
Yeah and I'm sick of turning apples into pears
Soon as I get a little bit of it, I'ma share
See I never try to mislead and I walk this planet keyed
Yes indeed, I cut out fleet
I'm sweatin tears until I'm freed
My sect of the 213 but protect to the E-Y-E
Just soak it in despite all this anguish
For a book of human language
{*Aceyalone interacts with the crowd then freestyles*}

Now there's only so many of us who were chosen to shine
But if you knows how to climb, you'll be there before they mount up
Now count up all your memories, divide that by your fantasies
Cause ya wanna live life so glamourously, glittery and all shimmery
See everydays a jamboree but with good times comes misery
And misery enjoys company so I hope you got your sensory
Now it really don't make no sense to me, the increasing intensity
And that test is out show density 
And I know you don't want to be tested right
You don't wanna be tested right
Well there ain't gone be no mutiny
When they look down me on scrutiny
See reality ain't new to me
And being dumb ain't cute to me
Yo I got somethin' I found out I could get y'all all involved
Just watch the bouncin' ball but see it don't bounce, it revolves see
Now I don't think that I'm unreasonable
Just because I don't really have to have no need a reason to flow
Every season I go squeezin' they hands
And I lead 'em along see
I leave dem a long line of slack and then pulls it right back
See if I give 'em too much, they might mistake my kindness for weakness
If I don't give 'em enough, they might think I don't possess uniqueness
But on the contrary, I got the bombest berries in the fruit tree
With the nutrients to cleanse and rinse your bodies of all the toxins
I locks in, I use my viewfinder, I'ma give you a reminder
I'm on a straight and narrow with no blinders, no blinders
And I still see the rhymes designers that bite like sidewinders
With ten toes down, I spin flows round and round at an angle with anger
The angular warlock strangler
Sociopathic, graphic, psycho symptom drastic plastic coded, bloated
Just like fatty tissue acid, I'm jurassic
I unmask it with a breadbasket full of molded yeast
Because the stenches'll clinch ya once my gases are released
So just inhale cause you know you know you inhale
As it is in heaven, this is to all the sistren and the brethren 
And it goes.... thank you