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Artist: Action Bronson
Album:  Dr. Lecter
Song:   Shiraz
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Action Bronson]
We been the best since I stepped in
Pringle hooker to the motherfuckin Jetson
In the sack, break a back like a Redskin
Need the doe/knead the dough like I'm tryin to get the bread then
Trina made the head spin
Every season play the corner like I'm Reevis
Light caesar, heavy bearded like I'm Jesus
New York City, Queensborough be the backdrop
I bring it back two on the benches near the blacktop
Big things, see me movin like a Sasquatch
Money I'm in pursuit, coochie inside the booth
Bitches are on display, get brain inside the Coupe
Shift gears that's with the left, which means I'm on the right
Get paid by any means, you hold it, say goodnight kid
Two fingers hold the potion when I'm smokin
Slow motion, snatch a snapper out the ocean
In my lungs go the drugs like the red chief
Red leaf lettuce blood money on the bench seat
Twelve forces, laid up on a long table
Aged wine got me spinnin like a dreidel
For fly women use a condom cause it's fatal
Hazel-eyed bitches always blazin up the basil
The red razor carvin features in your facial
Kreef and Corona, puffin indo be a loner
Huffin cheeba in the street by the chimney corner
Tu no stoppin me, motherfuckers are sloppy
I'm the captain of the rap you talkin about
Up in Niagara Falls, makin wifey suck a bag of balls
I'm sick, just like a Magic call
Same person on camera or when the motherfuckin camera off
Hash straight from the desert could knock a camel off
Sheep straight out of {?} to let the hammers off
Off the +Bo+ shit, whole clique roll thick
No shit, piss drunk and they smoke sticks
Not a word of English but they hold the four-fifth
Fila jumpsuits, samples know the whole shit
Young kids walkin around got the dezzy in hand
Goin "boom shaka laka" like it's NBA Jam
Never speak to fuzz (aiyyo admit it you would cheek the drugs)
Pass out the reefer show 'em how to use your sneakers cuz
The roasted peppers, sweet tomatos heirloom
We on the beach, restin peach and we in Cancun
Fly girlie curly hair is gettin ran through
We in the shower gimme head - shampoo
Swimming trunk, to accentuate the ankle
Eyes blues, put the children money in the bank-o
Just every Frank-o, take the cash and tango
A straight stoned, sly, thank you
Bye, peace, one, fuck you