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Artist: Action Bronson
Album:  Dr. Lecter
Song:   Forbidden Fruit
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Action Bronson]
As I step in the door, you in your bathrobe
Pour you a little more wine I see your glass low
Scared of a real man from deal with these assholes
Just drink your wine and then we step up in the bath slow
Soak your body cause it's beggin for a lovin touch
Light the candle, and I'ma light another dutch
Then we slip into a place that's only you and me
Put it deep like the bottom of the bluest sea
You too young to be locked down - truancy
Always got your hair done rockin your jewelry
Killin these other bitches word readin their eulogy
Hips insane, the pussy? Foolery
At the end of the day baby it's you and me
At the end of the day honey it's you and me
Just you and me, uhhh