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Artist: Ace Hood f / Lloyd
Album:  Ruthless
Song:   Wifey Material
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[Intro: Lloyd]
All around the world!!!
Around the world!!!
[Chorus: Lloyd]
I done been all around the world, seen all kinds of girls
But ain't nothin like you, guess you are wifey material
You know that I'm in love with the dough
Really nothin like you, guess you are wifey material
Oh oh oh, wifey material
Oh oh oh, wifey material
[Ace Hood]
I live my life like a vivid dream
Off livin lavish shorty perished off the triple beam (triple beam)
My mama taught me but I couldn't see (see)
So why you brought my economic mind into the streets (Ace)
I tell you life is never promised
If you fuck with him, you get fucked every night, that's a promise (a promise)
A nigga will let your friends hate
Fuck them hoes, let me and you escape
And I ain't gotta talk it ‘cause I live it girl
I like to welcome you to my exquisite world (Ace)
Where the goons stay on G
You can take it all off, baby do what you feel
[Ace Hood]
I wake up mornings and I picture what I been through
Five siblings gotta live in three bedrooms
Now it's big cribs, whips and a blue pool (geah)
Beautiful broads and they all wanna do who (Ace Hood)
Pleasure P us at the sex mood
And once I sex you, just forget the next dude
Big sideview, lingerie see-through
She say I'm so hood rubbin on my tattoos
You ever been to Cancun, I can take you
I'm feelin like Biggie Smalls when he wrote “Juice”
Fruit Loop kush livin like a chess move
Yeah they hate ‘cause we doin what they can't do
[Ace Hood]
And I grind every 24 (24)
I was told the day to pray to see a 24
Kiss my mamas and I gotta go 
Married to the dough, all prenuptial (Ace)
So baby know that it's a G thing
B thing, while am takin off your G-string (your G-string)
Take a look into the big frame (yeah)
We paint anythin, have it your way