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Artist: Ace Hood f/ Chris Brown
Album:  Blood Sweat & Tears
Song:   Body 2 Body
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[Intro: Ace Hood] (w/ Chris Brown harmonizing)
Yeah.. Ace Hood (Body 2 body)
Wassup, baby? We the Best, huh
So I had a few things in mind
Hahahaha..and I was thinkin um...
{J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League}

[Chorus: Chris Brown]
Baby, you don't have to try to read my mind
'cause you know I wanna get it in
And tell me why would we just think about it?
(If you want it then I got it) 
We can be body to body, body to body  
(I don't mean to rush you girl but we should be) 
Body to body, body to body, body to body

[Ace Hood]
Yea.. Uh, picture yo' body soakin - bath water
No panties on, come up out them leg warmers (OOH!)
Wrap up your hair, leave on your heels
Kissin you while I whisper, shawty how it feels?
Let ya mind wonder, oh you thinkin dirty? 
I was thinkin you can ride me, Miss Kentucky Derby (Hehaha)
I dream about it, let's take advantage
My body on yo' body, hope that you can manage
Gotta moan and DAMN it... feels good
Pullin on her hair to let her know I'm still hood (right)
Damn right (damn right), serve her the real
This year of the Ace, bet you that she know the deal


[Ace Hood]
Uh, so quit ya contemplatin, skip this conversation
By the way, you bitin on your lip just gave me confirmation
What's that, Chanel 5? Very sexy fragrance
Are those your real eyes? Can tell you're partially Asian
But I know your body got me focused, I'm just so sedated
And I guarantee I do you better than yo' past or latest (OW!)
Body to body (body to body), wet as Dasani (wet as Dasani)
Bet if I hit ya spot that I'll make ya tsunami (OW!)
Change up the sheets (sheets), no time to sleep (no time to sleep)
Asked what she's thinkin, she replied that I'm a beast
(WHOO~!) ...Yeah, she replied that I'm a beast (Ahh!)
Got it locked between the sheets and even in the streets


[Bridge: Chris Brown]
We're making love, on the floor 
You're kissin my tattoos...
I'm pullin your hair, you scream my name
Call me daddy, baby I got you..
Go get in your bed and lay down, down, down
Girl, are you ready? 
'cause I'm gon' want you face down, down, down
Right now, you fuckin wit' a real freak!

[Chorus w/ ad-libs]