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Artist: Ace Hood
Album:  Body Bag 4 (Mixtape)
Song:   Ooouuu
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

You know I go hop up on this beat and catch a body bag
Body bag zip it up to toe tag
Top and knock a nigga out his mustache
Shit too easy I ain't even in my duff bag
Started out of brava this lil thing about us
Blowing on that sour pistol on a counter
That sucker shit for cowards money and the power
Ooouuu I love that shuffle sound with money counters
Ooouuu I gotta wet this like the water fountain
Ouh I been the best before I though about it
It's still fuck'em ain't apologizing
Still fuck em ain't apologizing
It's faith in me alive that's how I beat the odds
My physical physique is on some Greek [?]
People on the streets you had to clock the tires
Rihanna then Meek will quit [?]
Mean that I don't see you when you switching sides
Royalty ain't shit [?]
Reason why my circle don't got ain't no moss
[?] you can't identify