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Artist: Ace Hood
Album:  Body Bag 4 (Mixtape)
Song:   My Shit
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Alright, uh
I been smokin' on some shit I got from California
All these diamonds on me cool hope I don't catch pneumonia
Just don't trip we keep that heat I'm talking Erik Spoelstra
I should pull up on my ex and throw the middle finger

Niggas bitin' on the flow I had to switch and change up
Got some money got some fame and no we never changed up
Told you niggas back in '08 I will fuck the game up
Pulling up in that benz or coupe I did the leather red guts

Once you get a little money they acting funny
I just made a half a million out the country
Had to hit my knees and thank the Lord above me
Blessings after blessings have bestowed upon me

I just wake up say a prayer then I get my grind on
To make it where I'm from we treat it like a milestone
Get your money build your home, and still I'm in my zone
At the top where I belong, and it say on my cologne
Put my number in your phone, imma make her call me zaddy
Imma get that pussy gladly, I will eat that like some snackies
In a coma you relax

Aye, that's just a whole lotta passion, ya dig