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Artist: Ace Hood
Album:  Body Bag 3 (Beast Mix) Mixtape
Song:   Hot Nigga
Typed by: AZ Lyrics


Yeah, it's true, I am a beat killer
(You looking at the hottest of the hot niggas)
Summer time, but my Rollie still in late December
Niggas actin like some bitches, need to change genders
Know it's only poppin', tell me why they wake the goblin up
Silence on the gun so we don't have to wake your daughter up
Way before the Tampa Bay, bitch I been chasin' [?]
Tell me why they wanna throw a pebble at an armored truck
Lookin' at a 101, pussy, you ain't one of us
Make me get retarded like I'm ridin' on a short bus
Flexin' on these niggas, oh I thought this was a warm up?
Tell'em shoot it up then double back, I call it karma
People pay attention, push a button for ignition
Dopest in the business, think I need some intervention
Soon as go to wackin', I'm a send him in detention
Clips like weaves, know they comin' with extensions
Always on the hustle, bitches know I keep a cover
Sleep without a blanket, never know who under covers
Fuck her, never love her, wear a rubber, blow it back, yo
I'm super dope, I'm a walking trap house
Shoutin' out to Philly, free my nigga, tho
Soon as my nigga Fat Boy hit the turf, I got his envelope
Tell'em kiss ya ass, they can do that under mistletoe
Think its sweet then go aimin' straight at your cantaloupe
Yeah you know I'm trained to blow, I got that halitosis flow
Jumpin' out the Lambo in sandals, I got that antidote
Hammer pokin' out of my pocket, it's like a camel toe
Gassin' all these rappers, ya'll need to work at a Texaco
I ain't got no medals, I ain't got no medals
Pussy nigga sleepin, hit him up in his pajamas
I hit him up in his pajamas
I'm just tryna kick it, tell them bitches David Beckham
Ok, I'm bluffin', never love'm, got a question, is we fuckin'?
She addicted, David Ruffin, load the clip and watch it buffle (Bodybag)
I'm a hot nigga, someone tell that to the tan bed
If the beat was human, I would tell him he a dead man
Ain't no hope in wishin', Phantom Ghost through the Bentley
If he with the scissors, can't afford it with your bitchin'